Three Healthy Financial Moves for 2022

  1. One of the best investments you can ever make is in yourself. Before we start worrying about stocks, mutual funds, and diversification, let’s talk about the most important investment decision you will make. How you take care of YOU. With healthcare costs skyrocketing and becoming more confusing, work on the items you can control. You. Your decision to work on a healthy lifestyle, such as a daily walk or moving towards more healthy food choices, can pay big dividends. You will never regret this investment. 
  2. Set goals. Pen it out. Writing down goals can have a big impact on achievement. And besides, what do you have to lose? I like to write my top three goals out every day. This keeps them top of mind and my actions in alignment with what I want to achieve. 
  3. My last suggestion is one I find not many do, but this exercise can be very powerful. Track your net worth. This is a simple exercise that has many purposes. The first is to truly understand the financial situation you are in - good or bad. Similar to writing down your goals, when you understand the impact your decisions have on your net worth, it helps you make better decisions. It can also motivate you as you see your net worth grow over time. It can be very motivating to hit certain thresholds. Please know this can be a very simple document. I suggest doing this twice a year. My husband and I track our net worth twice a year: at the end of June and again at the end of July. This has also been an unemotional vehicle for talking openly about our finances as a couple. 

So here we are. Chapter one of twelve in the book of 2022. Let’s take a proactive stance in making sure you and your family are financially healthy and strong. 

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