Meet Dr. Halan

Dr. Michael Halan utilizes multiple chiropractic adjusting techniques, applied kinesiology, nutrition and physical therapy to address each patient's individual condition and meet their body's needs. Find him at Halan Chiropractic in Roswell. We asked what makes his day brighter (besides his patients)!

Fellows on Green Street for morning coffee.

The best way to unwind after a long day is in a hammock on the patio with fresh-squeezed lemonade. Weather permitting!

New year's resolution?  More cardio!

Why visit a chiropractor? Balancing the right and left sides of the body promotes symmetry of movement, which increases performance, and dramatically reduces the risk of injury.

Giving back is everything. Dr. Halan supports an organization called Care, where surgeons volunteer their time and travel to impoverished countries to correct cleft palates and clubbed feet.

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