A Pace of Our Own

JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa

With only four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the last holiday season seemed a bit more  fast and furious, with family and friends visiting in waves amidst linen changes, cooking, eating, shopping, more cooking, more eating, plays (The Nutcracker-obviously) Cookie-building birthday parties (20 sugar saturated 4 year olds Top Cheffing it up) and the fight to keep it all up while avoiding the seemingly more vicious out-of-town cold strains that creep in with each new guest. 

So last year, mentally and physically exhausted my husband and I decided to pack it up and meet some friends in Los Cabos, Mexico for the New Year. (Christmas trees can stay up one more week..)

We have never been to Los Cabos. The direct flight from ATL clocks in at only 3 1/2 hours, perfect for a nap, light lunch, and a movie.  For our stay we booked a room in the Griffin Club at the JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort and Spa seeking an attentive, but laid-back atmosphere where we could relax and recoup.

Before we took off, Laura Castillo who is one of the hosts on property sent us an introduction to the resort, with weather forecasts and even packing suggestions. She booked us an airport transport, so we grabbed a margarita as they loaded our bags and were off in no time.   

A short 20 minutes later we arrive at the private development of Puerto Los Cabos not far from San José del Cabos. The JW does not disappoint, overlooking the Sea of Cortez the visually beautiful and stunning property, awash in gorgeous ocean views. The breeze has us feeling more relaxed already (ok may have had a little to do with those delicious margaritas too).  

A week is not enough time here, I know this as soon as we check into our room. We have a beautiful view of the ocean and tons of space.  We enjoy breakfast everyday outside by a small fire as migrating whales breech the turquoise waters and we sip espresso. (check out the migrating season because this is a magical thing to see).  Then after breakfast we head to the gym for a workout  (a little more holiday stress/pounds melt away). Around 10:00 we are ready to relax a bit at the infinity pool overlooking the sea.  There are several pools on premises but our favorite is the Griffin Pool where even in high-season it’s not crowded.

There are plenty of upscale and fine dining options in the area including Flora Farms, a farm to table dining experience at its finest, right around the corner from the JW, but our favorite was Café Des Artiste on property.  Café Des Artiste creates culinary delights inspired by Mexican flavors prepared in the gourmet french techniques that they describe as French-Mexican fusion. It may seem like an odd pair, but the food and cocktails are truly delicious! 

After a few days unwinding by the pool and hanging with our friends, we are ready to fully relax and let go of the remaining holiday tension—so we head to the spa.  Two hours later, after a dip in the cold and hot baths (you must try the cold pool at least once, your legs will thank you) a steam and sauna followed by heavenly deep tissue massages, we weren’t even bothered by the thoughts of all the Christmas decor we had yet to put away. We felt AMAZING! The JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa had been the perfect getaway and given us just what we needed to head into 2020, Cheers!  

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