How To Valentine in 2021

On Your Own Or In Your Pandemic Pod, These Gifts Deliver The Love

We’re not out of the woods yet. With social distancing still very much in play, our holidays continue to look like an episodic version of “The Truman Show” - each of us with our own TV screen.  

This holiday represents different things to different people. It’s no longer just a heart-shaped box of candy situation. It should be as inclusive and colorful as the societies we live in. Whether you are lucky enough to have your significant other in your Covid bubble or you are quarantined apart, you can still give and get a Valentine’s warm fuzzy this year.

Gate Comme Des Filles Bonbons

There is no Valentine’s Day without chocolate. I prefer bonbons. Do I want to recline on my chaise lounge and sample bonbons like Marie Antoinette? Yes, I do. Hand-made in Somerville, MA by Chez Panisse alum Alexandra Whisnant, these will be the best you’ve ever had.

$43 for 9-piece box        

DaVero Winery “Discover the Farm” Virtual Tasting

When you can’t go to wine country, have wine country come to you. DaVero offers samples of five Italian wines and their estate olive oil. Order the kit and schedule your virtual experience with a DaVero expert. Produced on their Biodynamic farm, the wines are deliciously unique and have great stories.


Joni Mitchell "Live At Canterbury House" 

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is one of melancholy reflection. Music heals. If your heart is broken, treat yourself to some Joni. Feel empowered by her enduring legacy and straight-shooting viewpoints. Joni doesn’t suffer fools. Neither should you.


Humanrace Routine Pack

A three-step facial from the only man who can make a “shorts suit” high fashion. Pharrell Williams’ new skincare line is formulated for all types regardless of gender or skin color. A couple that facials together, stays together.


Suay Sew Shop Body Pillow

If you can’t snuggle your person, hug this. All Suay products are produced with post-consumer waste, dead stock and domestically, organically grown fibers. While you’re hugging your body pillow, you're also hugging the earth. Double the love! 


Emily McDowell & Friends “Thank You For Existing” Sticky Notes

Say you’re on a budget or maybe you have many Valentines to satisfy. You need something affordable and mailable. When you don’t want to say it out loud with your own words, say it on a stickie note! Emily McDowell gives you six different ways to relay your admiration in one infinitely useful package.


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