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HIPnation Cares for Alpharetta

To learn more about the different model of health care offered at HIPnation in Alpharetta, we sat down with Brian Hill, MD, founder, president and Chief Medical Officer.

HIPnation believes that insurance should be used only for the high-cost health events—not things like physicals, the management of ongoing medical conditions, or the common cold. How can we switch gears out of the medial insurance mentality?

By simply looking at the auto insurance industry. You use your auto insurance when you have an accident—not when you put gas in your car, replace your windshield wipers, or change your oil. If those items were purchased through insurance, they would be significantly more expensive due to the all those working within that payment system. Taking insurance out of primary care removes 2-3 administrators from the physician’s office who don’t provide healthcare but instead only work with the insurance company. This simple step removes excess cost and re-focuses the office exclusively on patient care.

How does the membership and payment work?

For $100/month, membership in HIPnation provides access to your primary care physician through extended office visits, phone calls, texting and telemedicine. There are no copays or costs for accessing your physician. This is covered through the membership fee. This also gives you access to HIPnation-negotiated pricing for labs, imaging, and specialty services with prices that are 30-90% less than what most people are paying now. Then we pair our membership with unique insurance products, which cover our members for the “big stuff.” This combination leads to better healthcare at less cost along with more affordable insurance. 

How do patients will benefit from this new care model?

HIPnation is a complete healthcare solution. Within our model, patients receive the quality care you’d expect from a concierge physician, plus they have access to HIPnation-negotiated pricing for labs, imaging, and specialty services. This model not only drives down costs, but studies show that people who have access to great primary care live longer, happier, healthier lives.

What is the greatest misconception about concierge medicine?

That it is only for the wealthy. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for quality healthcare and now they can. Our solution is generally up to 50% less than the traditional insurance-focused approach for individuals and up to 30% less for employer groups—and our members also receive this high-level concierge-style care! Less cost and better healthcare. This is why we call HIPnation smarter healthcare.

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