Pool Heaven

United Landscape Puts Design First

The Rain Curtains are the focal point in this project at a home in Duluth. Two waterfalls have a sheer descent, with a solid sheet of water flowing at three different speeds. On the lowest speed, the water is slower and looks and sounds just like rain: reassuring, calming, mesmerizing. When the sun sinks over the horizon after a warm summer day, the pool offers 

Also, we use a special light system in our rain curtains where you can change not only the color but how bright they are also. Changing the luminary of lights is crucial as the brightness changes when water is coming down into pool. Luminaires need to be a maximum (brightness) when a full sheet (sheer decent/ 3rd speed) is on. And set at lower Luminaries at slow speed that way lights aren't overpowered at (waterfall) low speed. Or underpowered (can't see light behind of water) when on high speed with less water flowing. 

We designed and built the roof extension (Gabled roof) with skylights.

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