Finding His Groove in Roswell

At home with Atlanta's favorite crooner, Joe Gransden

Big band leader, trumpeter, vocalist and all-around good guy, Joe Gransden recently moved to Roswell from in town Atlanta. He regularly gigs at Roaring Social and The Select in Sandy Springs and will be playing at City Springs’ Byers Theater on New Years Eve with Francine Reed. I caught up with Joe to chat about his family, music and the good life. We raise a glass of bubbly to Joe and his bright future!

SC: We heard you moved to Roswell. Welcome!

JG: We moved to Brookfield Country Club in Roswell in July. We have always loved it here. My parents have lived in Roswell since 1989. My wife Charissa and I wanted to find a neighborhood with lots of families, activities, golf, swimming, tennis, and major community involvement. We want our son to have the opportunity to form lasting relationships with children his age.  Brookfield has everything we are looking for in a neighborhood.

SC: Living the golf club life seems to agree with you. How often do you get on the course and who in your family plays?

JG: We love the lifestyle here at Brookfield, and we go to the country club almost every day to work out, hit golf balls, play tennis, swim or enjoy a family meal. I bought a golf cart so we can pull out of our driveway and be on the course in just a few minutes. Both my father and my son join me on the driving range regularly. Charissa loves to play tennis and meet friends at the club for social events. 

SC: What will your family be doing for Christmas this year?  

JG: We have family in all areas of the country. We are really looking forward to hosting several Christmas gatherings at our home this year, seeing family from New York City, Seattle, Charlotte, and different parts of Florida. I’m fortunate to have lots of holiday performances with my band this December, and I am excited for my family to come and enjoy the holiday spirit.

SC: Music reigns in the Gransden household. What do you listen to when you're entertaining, cooking with the family and getting pumped for a gig?

JG: You can usually hear music like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald or Chet Baker wafting through our house! We love swing music, the crooners, big band jazz like The Count Basie Orchestra, New Orleans style jazz, and bebop. Everyone in our home loves to sing, and you can often find us belting out tunes while we gather at home. 

SC: Sounds like a blast! Tell us about your family.

JG: Charissa and I married 20 years ago, after meeting in college (music school) and dating for a number of years. Joey is 13, in the ripeness of being a teenager! He is a great tennis player, and he plays trumpet, like his dad. My mother and father have been married for 54 years. My father is a jazz piano player and vocalist. He still practices piano every day! He's super talented. My mother spent many years as a dancer and choreographer. She loves music and comes from a family full of musicians. She is an incredible woman!  

We used to marvel at the way my parents could bring people together. They would organize progressive meals with neighbors, and each course of the meal was at a different house. They hosted mystery dinners, wedding rehearsal dinners, countless baby showers, Thanksgiving meals for more than 15 people, Christmas gift exchanges with all the grandchildren and friends, and Easter egg hunts in the backyard! We hope that we can carry on many of those traditions too.

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