South Fulton, Our Home

A Wealth of Opportunity

Experts predict an additional 3 million people will move to Metro Atlanta by the year 2040… and they all can’t live on the north side. Let that sink in... 

When I heard this last year, it forced me to see the abundance of opportunity we have here in South Fulton. For many, home is a word that evokes abstract things like dream home or emotions of comfort. For me, however, I equate home to wealth. Don’t let that turn you off, coming from a Realtor. The last Thursday of March 2017, my fiancé and I purchased a house, had a destination wedding on Sunday, and then came back to move on Wednesday. We’ve been turning our house into a home ever since. The memories, traditions and love we’ve created in our home are the most valuable things to me on this Earth.

Here are a few other reasons why I think wealth when I think of home. My seller clients made over $811,000 in 2019. One client, a single mother burdened by the debt her ex-husband had left her with, made over $60,000. She became debt-free and was able to move her daughter to a school that had a program that met her unique educational needs. Making the right choices related to the place you call home can have a remarkable outcome on the things you value most. We can create wealth in our lives through responsible ownership of what we call home.

My first broker was my father. He was one of the first people to buy and renovate property in downtown Decatur way back in the 80s. He had a vision for what could become of the area far before its time. Once overlooked and talked about, Decatur is now one of the hottest areas in Metro Atlanta. Our transition will far outshine our smaller cousin. 

“Dream a bigger dream” is a phrase I heard from a CEO I recently joined for a few property tours in South Fulton. You see, corporations and government officials will look at what we call home and invest heavily over the next two decades. Our dream should be to create wealth, generational wealth, through these opportunities. By 2040, our schools can become some of the best, giving our kids the wealth of a better education. We can increase the percentage of double-income households, profiting from the residual effects it will have in our community. With the economic engine that is Hartsfield-Jackson Airport on our back porch, we can create jobs to fill the office space planned for the area and not have to spend hours away from our families traveling to the north side of town for work. 

This is the wealth opportunity of our home, South Fulton. Our wealth is not defined by the amount of money we have. True wealth is appraised by the intangible; the things that live on past our lifetime. This is our home… our opportunity to create wealth for ourselves and those who are to follow.

Robert Allen

Berkshire Hathaway Ga. Properties 


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