Celebrating The Holidays with Friends

Imagine a special place where children of all cultures celebrate each other’s differences…with a few ‘Mitzvahs’ (good deeds) thrown in! Alpharetta resident Julie Anne Cooper has launched a new children’s book series, along with co-author Wendy Brant. Bonta Friends features a kind, lovable cast of characters designed to celebrate the many people and customs around the world, perfect for all ages.

The Bonta Friends series introduces the first five friends with many more to come: Hanukkah Veronica, Halloween Hannah, Christmas Chloe, Diwali Deepa, and Kwanzaa Keisha. Each Bonta Friend features a book and a beautiful, soft plush doll.

The first Bonta Friends book and doll in the series to launch is Hanukkah Veronica: The Mitzvah Fairy, available now.

Julie Anne explains how the first book came to be. “One winter, my (then) five-year-old daughter Lucy, was enjoying our Hanukkah celebrations but wanted a holiday companion. So I went into my sewing room and created the original Hanukkah Veronica Mitzvah Fairy. All season long, Hanukkah Veronica would perform good deeds, delighting my family. Hanukkah Veronica became a holiday tradition for years to come.” 

Co-Authors Julie Anne Cooper and Wendy Brant first met in 2019 through their work in the real estate industry. Julie Anne shared the story of Lucy’s doll with Wendy, as well as her desire to write a children’s book series. They decided to join efforts, and together with their brilliant artist, Giovanni Lombardi, they brought to life their first children's book featuring: Hanukkah Veronica, The Mitzvah Fairy.

“The Bonta Friends stories highlight the beauty of kindness and remind us how every Mitzvah, every act of love, no matter the race, country or creed, has the power to transform lives,” says Julie Anne.

Julie Anne continues, “I think about how thankful I am for my co-author, Wendy, for helping to make Hanukkah Veronica and the whole Bonta Friends book series a reality,” says Julie Anne. “I am also thankful for this meaningful way to educate children about different cultures. We hope this will help to give both children and adults a newfound understanding and appreciation of the many holidays, celebrations, and religions from around the world.”


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