AngelsNTech Present STEAM Workshop with RoboChick Madison Kenney

Teaching Girls to Code and Become Content Creators, Not Just Consumers

The Angels and Me Foundation, AngelsNTech, a nonprofit mentoring organization established to Ignite interest, Innovate solutions, and Inspire young girls and support parents within STEAM fields, partnered with the Robochick Madison Kenney in South Fulton to provide an innovative STEAM workshop exploring the foundation of Robotics and integration with Mobile Apps.

On Saturday, June 22, at the Southwest Arts Center, with over 20 students and parents participating in the program, youth were able to gain insight from fellow peer Madison Kenney on how to get involved in STEAM based on their interests. 

“You shouldn’t only be consumers of technology, you should be inventors of it,” said Madison.

Madison shared her passion for building robots and the simplicity of creating using common household products. Demonstrations were provided of an underwater Robot, Sea Perch, and a FIRSTRobot mobile application-controlled design. Each participant also constructed a light saver. In addition, the session included a mentoring moment for youth to share aspirations in STEAM and parents were provided with parent 2 parent resources to help support and advocate their child’s passion. 

AngelsNTech Cofounder Angela Chambliss stated, “Our curriculum of consistent STEAM programming in South Fulton is significant and extremely important in exposing youth to opportunities in the field and creating areas of interest. Our goal is to actively boost STEAM interest, increase academic success in STEAM and increase access to scholarship opportunities in STEAM.”

Future Software Engineer Olivia Webb, rising senior from Banneker High School stated, “I love programs like this as it teaches me that I can create my own technology and engineer my own solutions!”

Future Web Developer Nia WB, rising home-schooled senior stated, “Web designing is really great nowadays as everybody has a website and having the skills to make it look professional is important.”

About The Angels and Me Foundation, AngelsNTech

Angels and Me Foundation Angels N Technology (AngelsNTech), is a mentoring organization established to groom young girls and provide parents with resources to support their daughters' aspirations in all fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).  

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