Faith, Family, Friends, Fun and Food

For this, and so much more, she's grateful

Article by Roswell Lifestyle staff

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Originally published in City Lifestyle Roswell

As a Southern Peach, born and bred in the Smyrna/Vinings area, Roswell Lifestyle publisher Lisa Thibault has always been proud to call Georgia home. After a brief stint out of state, Lisa longed to be back home among her family and friends to experience the warmth, kindness and southern hospitality of her roots. Here are the foundations that ground Lisa.

1. Faith 
I feel so blessed to have been raised in a faith-filled home. My grandfather was a Southern Baptist minister and I was brought up believing that we are here to help one another and to make the world a better place each and every day. 

2. Family
I was fortunate that my parents were together as amazing role models for us. We have a large extended, close family in Georgia, so family holidays and vacations are always full of fun and laughter. I don't take one day we spend together for granted, especially during these challenging times. Making memories is so important and vital for our well-being.

 3. Friends
We have a very close-knit group of neighborhood friends that have been able to maintain friendships. We get together at least every other month to celebrate life's journeys and we have so much fun -  pajama parties, road trips, and just girls' night out. I also have lifelong college friendships. Some of these friends live far away, so we take trips to meet up yearly as well. All of these wonderful friendships are a huge part of my life and blessings.

4. Fun
I am a country girl at heart, but do love the city too. I might be dropping a line in a pond, lake, or river; biking; hiking; paddleboarding or beachin' it. Running up and down Canton Street, popping in and out of my favorite places, listening and dancing to live music tops my list. Fun also means snuggling up on my back porch swing bed with my grand-dog, Kona and a glass of wine.   

5. Food
There is such an abundance of food options for us in Roswell. I love a good cappuccino to start the day, and later, a glass of red wine with friends. Any type of veggie cooked in the air fryer is a winner - not too fancy just good and hearty. I love homemade biscuits, mac and cheese, and my mom's zucchini bread. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is an excellent cook, so I can just show up with the wine! Life is SO good! Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

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