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Meet Jill M. Golsen D.M.D.

We had to pull teeth to get Dr. Jill Golsen to allow us to interview her about her life here in Alpharetta. We’re glad she did and want you to meet one of our community’s gems.

How did you land in Georgia? 

I am a girl from Florida who came to Georgia for college and never went back. I love people and teeth! My uncle was a dentist in Florida and he was my mentor for this path. I have lived in Alpharetta for 26 years and have had the same dental office location for 25 years.

Your family is your staff and patients, but how about your other family?

I have two sisters. One is a physician, one is a financial planner. I have two sons: one is a third-year veterinarian med student, the other is a sophomore in college. I also have three dogs, too many cats (don’t judge; they find me)!

Besides caring for your patient’s dental health, what else has your attention? 

My sons, my boyfriend, my animals, my amazing group of friends and family. 

When you leave your Alpharetta office at the end of the day, where might we find you? 

I like driving in a convertible in the north Georgia mountains and am a fan of Yellowstone and all our amazing national parks. I like nice cars, fun-filled travel and pickleball. I also love learning about new technology for my office!

What do you tell yourself when you rise and shine? 

Be healthy, stay fit and be happy (no one likes a grump). Be a good role model for my children, raise good humans! (so far so good).  I am a 10-year cancer survivor (yes, I was bald at one point!) and believe … “Life is short and it can change in a moment!”

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