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Article by Jolene Butts Freeman

Photography by Jerome Howard and Infinite Exposure

Originally published in South Fulton Lifestyle

We are living in turbulent and uncertain times. We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and people across the globe are taking to the streets to protest systemic racism and inequities within the African American community. 

While our world is social distancing, working from home and fighting for change, people are taking advantage of extra free time and realizing they must improve their health. Many are doing this by working out or playing their favorite sports. No matter their exercise of choice—whether it’s aerobics in the gym, running, bicycling, or even yoga—folks are making time to move, and ROCKETSPORTS-1 wants to help. 

ROCKETSPORTS-1 is a new sports apparel line that allows the consumer to feel confident and comfortable while exercising and provides a unique look while doing it. What’s different about this brand? Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jon Dabney is a native of South Fulton and is an African American man who gives back to his community through his apparel company.

“I have purchased my sports apparel from the big three companies most of my young adult life and I’ve never seen much of the profit given to support the African American community. This was my motivation and it is needed today more then ever,” Dabney said. 

Since its start, the ROCKETSPORTS-1 team has worked hard to ensure its consumers look great while promoting healthier lifestyles. The first full line black-owned sports apparel company in Atlanta and South Fulton is in motion and got its start with strong support from family, friends and the community. The ROCKETSPORTS-1 brand attracts progressive consumers who are open to wearing something other than the most popular name brands and who demand Dri-Fit performance activewear that allows people to express themselves through vivid colors. 

Dabney grew up in Atlanta and always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He wasn’t sure what product or service he would provide, but he knew it would require him to have super selling skills to be successful. Dabney’s friends have given him many nicknames throughout his life, because he’s always known how to close a deal and negotiate a win-win situation.

“Getting a good education and professional experience were crucial to me succeeding in my business and my passion for sports, fitness and fashion,” Dabney said. “I’ve seen myself purchase tons of apparel for my kids as they participated in sports and for myself as a weekend athlete. I knew after thousands of dollars in purchases it was time for me to create a company of my own that would grow organically and become a household name.” 

ROCKETSPORTS-1, unlike other sports apparel companies, aims to support its community as well as encourage African Americans to support black-owned businesses.  

“Over the last four years we have increased our healthier lifestyles message through our clothing brand throughout South Fulton and the City of Atlanta. While increasing awareness, we are giving back to the community by helping youth exercise more and explore different sporting activities available throughout the city,” said Dabney.

Dabney is a graduate of Benjamin E. Mays High School, Morehouse College (BA Marketing) and the University of Georgia (MBA). 

According to Dabney, don’t be surprised if in late Fall 2020 you see Rocketsports-1 women’s activewear in some of your favorite retail stores! Until then, you can purchase your ROCKETSPORTS-1 men’s and women’s apparel at RocketSports-1.com. 

For wholesale sales, email info@rocketsports-1.com.

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