See you in the Secret Gardens

From COVID-19 Dormancy to Full Bloom in 2021

The Secret Gardens of Johns Creek returns May 1 with a driving and walkable tour of our community's remarkable gardens. While the tradition of the annual garden tour was interrupted last year, as was nearly everything, volunteers committed to a spectacular revival as soon as possible. All involved agree, an extra year for the gardeners to primp and prune, and an extra year for the event organizers to prepare has made for the greatest Garden Tour yet.

Even amidst the panic of a global pandemic, participants of previous tours asked when the next time Secret Gardens of Johns Creek would occur. Johns Creek Beautification’s (JCB) board knew there would be a future because of the understanding from the community when it announced that the annual tour was canceled.

Hard times bring a community together in ways no one can predict. JCB added more passionate volunteers to the team and doubled its efforts. The consensus was that Secret Gardens of Johns Creek was naturally aligned with the evolving needs of the public. Event organizers have restructured the tour to occur on a biennial basis and implemented safety measures to fit the needs of the Johns Creek community.

Secret Gardens is a drive-yourself and walking tour of six homes and Autrey Mill Nature Preserve; each stop has its own unique features in store. Homeowners share the joy of their efforts at the residential sites, and Autrey Mill Nature Preserve is home to splendid woodland gardens. Autrey Mill also hosts the rare Pink Lady Slipper flowers in their gardens and buildings saved for history on their property, including the old Warsaw Chapel. Performances from harpists, guitarists, singers, and even a flute choir will perform on-site for your enjoyment! Come witness the talent of visual artists from our community as they paint, sculpt, sketch, and mold something exquisite while you take in the splendor of a stroll in the garden. Sounds crowded, but, fear not there is plenty of breathing room to stay socially distanced.

Participants inherently start from different places and, because there is no set order to visit tour sites, traffic is evenly distributed to each stop. In addition to greeting and directing the flow of guests in each garden, volunteers will pace the flow of visitors through each site to encourage breathing room and space to enjoy the surroundings.

This year there are planned activities and crafts for visitors to take part in while awaiting their botanical adventures. Patrons can enjoy a moment to daffodils on landscaping rocks that JCB will use to beautify and commemorate Daffodils4Hope Gardens.

Daffodils 4Hope is an awareness campaign for CanCare Atlanta, the premier organization for emotional support serving cancer patients and survivors. Johns Creek Beautification identified the Daffodil as the symbol for Cancer Survivorship because of its regenerative properties. Daffodils grow from bulbs and once planted can regenerate each year for hundreds of years, bringing hope for the future to all that see them.

JCB has planted over 5000 bulbs around the city of Johns Creek at Newtown Park Veterans Memorial Park and The Wall That Heals, Johns Creek City Hall, Emory Johns Creek Hospital Winship Cancer Center, and has also committed to planting over 60,000 bulbs in beautiful places all around town. Proceeds from Secret Gardens of Johns Creek and the art created will go to support JCB’s efforts to beautify Johns Creek.

Johns Creek Beautification is dedicated to enriching the beauty and prestige of the city by enhancing the landscape, preservation of old and installation of new art displays in public areas. JCB believes that beautiful surroundings leads to a sense of comfort that can’t be replicated any other way. Consider your time at Secret Gardens of Johns Creek a mini-vacation and a respite from the hurry of everyday life. Don’t miss the Garden Tour’s positive effects on your mental health and stress level.

Our city is a rose by any name, the talent and passion our town has for beauty and exceptionalism are truly on display at Secret Gardens of Johns Creek. Johns Creek Beautification invites the public to the 2021 Garden Tour to make new friends, to get inspired, to feel the comfort and, to celebrate pride in our hometown.

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