True Black Essentials

True Black Essentials® is a hypermarket created to increase the exposure and access of products owned and produced by Black people around the world, encouraging the current $1.3 trillion of the $25.038 trillion (2019) of retail sales among Black people to be spent with Black businesses. The goal of True Black Essentials® is to create economic and generational wealth by increasing the access to Black-owned and produced products and goods in one location. True Black Essentials® has a plan of expansion to develop manufacturing and distribution facilities and mobile shopping access to provide worldwide products and goods from Black businesses globally.

Economic spending among Black people has increased from $961 billion (2010) to $1.3 trillion (2018), with a 114% increase over the past 20 years. The Black consumer remains undermarketed, failing to capitalize on the dollars spent annually on food, beverage, apparel, mobile technology, and video games.

True Black Essentials® will strengthen the number of successful Black businesses globally by extending access to their goods and products; provide global marketing, coaching, sales, and shipping to expand product reach to the masses; promote and support world change through the cultivation of young entrepreneurs to create generational wealth and promote collective economics among Black people worldwide. True Black Essentials® is committed to ethical business practices, integrity and trustworthiness, and the highest level of customer service via a Q+ rating for businesses that consistently provide quality services, goods, and products.

Please direct all inquiries to info@trueblackessentials.com or learn more at TrueBlackEssentials.com.

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