State of The Children Summit

United Way of Greater Atlanta in South Fulton Announces Gains for Child Well Being and Details on Progress Through Partnerships

United Way of Greater Atlanta in South Fulton and the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce presented new Child Well-Being data centered around county priorities such as high school/college career readiness, family financial stability, and affordable housing. In just two years, the community has rallied together to elevate South Fulton’s Child Well-Being score from 36.0 to 42.1. The growing score demonstrates great progress; however, there is still work to be done.

How United Way Measures Child Well-Being

In 2017, United Way developed its Child Well-Being Index, composed of child, family and community measures, to track progress. These combined measures generate a score for each zip code of United Way’s 13 county footprint, which can be viewed on interactive maps.

Areas of low child well-being appear as red areas on the interactive maps. United Way’s data shows that improving the scores in those areas generates the biggest improvement in the overall regional score, and so it directs its investments toward collaborative efforts that can best address the barriers to child well-being in those areas. Collaborative efforts, which involve partnerships among nonprofits, businesses, civic leaders, volunteers and others, have proven critical to making lasting improvements.

The Power of Partnerships

United Way of Greater Atlanta in South Fulton has partnered with businesses and community organizations like the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance and the Chick-fil-A Foundation to drive success. Through these partnerships, the quality of life for children in South Fulton are better positioned to thrive in the long term.

“When children thrive, so can South Fulton, and we continue to put an emphasis on improving child well-being in this region,” says Denise Townsend, Regional Director, United Way of Greater Atlanta in South Fulton. “Our impact on child well-being will continue to be realized in the community” 

About United Way of Greater Atlanta

United Way of Greater Atlanta, the largest United Way chapter in the nation, focuses on ensuring that every child in Atlanta has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. The organization invests in more than 200 programs in 13 counties through the Child Well-Being Impact Fund and works to help children succeed in school, improve financial stability of families, provide affordable and accessible healthcare and end homelessness. For more information, visit

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