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Article by Stacy Conde

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I moved to the Detroit area from Los Angeles just a few months ago. I left behind an incredible group of friends and a strong network of talented creatives, some of whom I collaborated with on a thing we called Los Angeles Makers. It was a blast. Commercial space in LA is expensive, and promoting yourself as an artist can be daunting, so I hosted popup markets with retail friends. When asked what I make, I would always say, "My friends make the art. I am the megaphone that shouts about it."

Now I'm in Michigan. I don't know anyone here outside of my family. We are in the throes of Covid lockdown for a long time yet to come, which is really hampering my style-hunting adventures. I've taken to the internet to track down my new Midwest creative tribe. If you're reading this and you are one of them, please get in touch!

I am someone who strategizes my holiday gift-giving. I research and sample and look for the most unique, ideally handcrafted products. It's been a treat to dive into local makers here in Detroit. Maybe there's a "Detroit Makers" collective in my future. Let's hope so. Support these folks. You'll be rewarded with the pride of "shopping local," and your gift will be the coolest thing in the present pile.

Boubi Nighttime Bundle – $24.99

Organic, vegan, alcohol- and cruelty-free products all handmade in Detroit. Hamtramck local Humayra Bobby launched her skin care line in June 2019. Her lavender night oil and mist set will be keeping me hydrated during my first Michigan winter.

12th and Viv Detroit Candle – $27

Working from home has exponentially increased my candle usage. I'm looking forward to working my way through 12th and Viv's complete candle collection, starting with this one, with notes of woodsy vanilla and musk. Their candles are hand-poured and crafted in small batches right here in Detroit. When it's safe to gather in public again, their PYOC (Pour Your Own Candle) workshop will be at the top of my to-do list.

Detroit Is The New Black Old English Hoodie – $74

You can never have too many hoodies, right? Tell that to the hooks on the back of my bedroom door. They didn't sign up for this. "This" being the pile-up of sweatshirts that I burden them with. Well, I've got news for the hooks. This hoodie is coming to stay.

Detroit Is The New Black is at the center of fashion and design in the city. Founder Roslyn Karamoko and her team have their fingers placed firmly on the pulse of what's happening in art, culture and the revitalization of the Motor City. Their space serves as much as a retail showroom as it does an art gallery and community space. The collision of art, fashion, music and social impact is happening in Detroit—and it's very much happening at Detroit Is The New Black.

Woodward Throwbacks Reclaimed Wood Poster Holder – $27

Have a funny-sized poster that it still rolled up in a tube because you can't deal with shelling out big bucks on a custom frame? This could be a gift for yourself—or add a poster and it's the perfect Michigan gift for someone else.

Woodward Throwbacks founders Bo Shepherd and Kyle Dubay utilize reclaimed wood to produce all of their products. They source materials from sites around the Detroit area, instilling a nice dose of city history into each piece.

MmMAha Mystical Products and Advice – various pricing

Have some spiritual gangsters in your life? Put together a little Faery Guided Visualization package for them. A guided meditation download and The Magician Tarot Essence will transport them to an astral plane of their choosing.

MmMAha is a collective of arts teachers and healers who offer remote reiki and meditation sessions; numerology reports; and a line of oils, teas and incense. 2020 has wrecked havoc on our psyche. These are the tools we need to keep us sane.

Dale & Blue Zipper Pouch – $85

I used to tease my mom about all the bags she carried—bags inside bags ... inside bags. So many bags. Her phone had its own bag. Of course, cosmetics had a bag. Coupons had a bag (remember coupons?!).

We all know we eventually become our parents. So, guess who has amassed a stellar bag collection of her own? >This girl.<

Dale & Blue designs, dyes and sews all their pieces at their studio in Detroit. This indigo-dyed, European linen zipper pouch will hold all the things, even if they don't technically need a container.

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