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Article by Robanne Schulman

Photography by T. Boutique

For some of you, it might be hard to wrap your head around clothing outside of leisure wear at this time, however, this edit might change your state of mind. ;) I've rounded up some of my favorite pieces from one of my favorite boutiques in the Southeast, T. Boutique.

T. Boutique is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, and has been there since early 2000. And they have always been known to carry the most unique, curated group of clothing. In other words, you won't find others walking into the same restaurant with the same look.

For those of you who want to express yourself in ways that most others do not style-wise, you will want to read on. Since pictures are worth a thousand words (or captions) 😜 let's get this summer edit pic party started!

White Suit

Forte Forte's Viscose Linen Piquet Sash Jacket and Pant is perfect for any summer day in or out of the office! I love this look because it is so crisp and clean! Forte Forte's jackets and suiting are always super versatile. Pair the blazer back to a short or skirt and you have an instant new look! Underpinning designed by Transit.

Summer Dress

I love a great versatile summer dress, especially when it comes with its own belt! This Sabia metallic linen dress by Forte Forte is the perfect summer neutral. Throw a lightweight blazer or cardigan over it and you are Zoom-ready! Pack it for the beach, because needless to say, it's perfect. Forte Forte's fabrics are so luxurious and worth the price point. She designs pieces that are made to stay in your closet for years.

Blue Suit

My new favorite suiting designer is Sablyn. I'm always up for a colored suit and this perfect blue makes just the right statement.  And even better, this blue perfection will look great on any skin tone! It can be broken up into separates so easily to create several different looks.

Silk Cami

 Sablyn's silk camis work so well with so many things. The outfit possibilities are completely endless!

White Cotton Jacket

Another fabulous designer from T. Boutique is Transit, an exclusive line with a cult following and for good reason! Most of their pieces are season-less, which I absolutely love. And they always have great detail, whether it is the texture of the fabrics or purely just the design. This white cotton jacket is paired with black NSF shorts. Super cute for a patio brunch with your girlfriends. 👯‍♀️ Not to mention black and white are a timeless pairing. 🖤


Just in case you needed proof of just how lightweight this jacket is—well here you go! Is this not an amazing piece or what? 😎

Summer Neutrals

This is a perfect combination of summer neutrals. From left to right and front to back: Fabiana Filippi V-Neck Sweater and Linen Pant, Henry Beguelin platform slide moccasins, Henry Beguelin Sneakers and last, one of my favorite Italian designers, Avant-Toi Marbled Blazer. 😍

Coral/Red Top + Short Set

Fabiana Filippi is a need-to-know designer. Her detailing is impeccable on all of her pieces, and nothing is ever trendy, just chic and timeless pieces. Love this silk, coral/red top and short ensemble! A great way to add a pop of color in your closet this summer! 🌞


Last but not least, I had to include one of my favorite jewelry designers, Pascale Monvoisin. T. Boutique has been carrying her line from Paris before she was all over Instagram. These pearl-and-diamond earrings make the perfect summer chic statement and will elevate any outfit!

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