Find Peace of Mind in Pensacola

Ever heard of the Foo Foo Festival? I must admit I hadn't until my visit to Pensacola, Florida. Seeking offbeat paths of travel? Well, my journeys are proven to be for your benefit. The best fall ever awaits in this Sunshine State haven. Never in a million years would I have associated fall festivals with Florida! 

Pensacola is bubbling with culture, style and entertainment that will have you wondering why you have not visited in years past. So, settle in and get ready to be sun-kissed. 

Pack a bag to escape Atlanta. A five-hour drive or an even shorter 47 minutes in the air, Pensacola will greet you with an unrivaled southern charm and hospitality that makes this city sparkle beyond its white sand beaches; in addition to the hospitality and charm are the personalities. Yes, the citizens of Pensacola are genuinely welcoming and eager to share their community for your enjoyment. History buffs step forward to this Gulf Coast gem destination. 

Pensacola is the home of the first settlement in the United States of America, dated in 1559, and recently one of the stops on the Mississippi Blues Trail. Whether you are a solo traveler or with family on a holiday, prepare to make memories to last a lifetime. From unique spa services to the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, this city will have you clamoring to plan your immediate or soon return.

Spa Peace 

Boutique and quaint are key attributes of this spa. The team at Fusion Spa have anointed hands, making your treatments seem like a sleep serum. Between my naps during my services, I opted for the Effleurage Aqua Polish. Fusion spa is equipped with beauty products by Aveda, so prepare to have a voluminous glow.

Piece of Culture 

A rich heritage dating back to 1559 makes Pensacola a home of historical significance. Beyond the history and beach, Pensacola has an opera, ballet, symphony, theatre, museum and myriad art galleries. Strolling downtown, I would suggest Jackson’s for lunch and Restaurant Iron for dinner. More importantly, make a day of experiencing historic Belmont-Devilliers district. Belmont-Devilliers is the center of the African-American community that represents a cultural celebration. It is here you will find monuments of the Mississippi Blues Trail and some of the best southern soul food at Five Sisters Blues Cafe.

Peace of Mind 

Hilton will honor you. Beach views equal tranquility and the suite sizes at the Hilton Pensacola Beach hotel are nothing short of phenomenal. Bartender Myles Reeves crafts signature cocktails that will surely please any palette, just ask for a bonsai fizz or the bourbon-soaked cherry.

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