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An Interview with Katrina Morrison of Mocha Travel

1. My favorite destination is home. As a frequent traveler I've gone to some amazing places, but of all these places, being home in Atlanta is my favorite. My home is my sanctuary. It's the one place where I feel whole and complete. When travel stopped in 2020, it hit me hard. I lived most of my life on the road, so it wasn't easy staying home and not preparing to travel. During that time I began to appreciate all that I have and all that my family and I have created in our home and community in Atlanta. We enjoyed local places like the Zoo, Atlanta History Center, and the skating rink. Now that travel is back open, I look forward to exploring my bucket list, but home will remain my favorite place. 

2. Any travel tips for travelling with kids? Yes, lots! Most importantly, allow your children to take part in planning the trip. Travel is one of the best ways for children to acquire life skills. Get them involved early by letting them suggest activities, choose seats on the plane (window or aisle), and select dining options. Make it age appropriate, of course. This allows them to fully engage in the trip instead of feeling disconnected and bored.   

3. Why use a travel company? It takes a lot of time and skill to plan a trip of a lifetime. A travel advisor can save you from a disastrous trip. There's nothing wrong with DIY travel plans for easy domestic trips that only require hotel and flights, but when you’re going abroad or have more complex plans, it's best to use a professional travel advisor. Not only can you save money by packaging your trip with your travel agent’s help, but you can also find payment plans and add amenities that are only available when booking with a travel advisor. Travel advisors can also advocate for you if something goes wrong with your plans by contacting the hotel or airline and requesting a resolution. 

4. What was the most important thing you learned in the pandemic? The most important thing I learned is Mindfulness, the ability to be fully present. Being fully present is a challenge when you're always in motion. Travel kept me in motion. When travel stopped, I didn't know what to do next. My body and mind were not used to the stillness. A good friend of mine sent me a link to free Yoga training. That's how I started meditating and that's when I discovered the gift of mindfulness. 

5. Any tips for holiday travel?

·      Book in advance to save money.

·      Choose your airline seating in advance if possible.  

·      If you can, avoid checking bags.  

·      Get trip protection.  

·      Cash in your credit card points to save a little more.

·      Skip the TSA lines and get CLEAR to save time.

·      Avoid large crowds.  

·      Follow CDC travel guidelines.

·      Consider a staycation.

·      Check out off-season destinations for the holidays, such as beach towns or a lake house for less crowds and lower costs.

Website: MochaTravelandTours.com

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