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One of the biggest cities in the Southeast, Atlanta is home to a vast and diverse population.

What most of these residents have in common though is their desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle through the use of gyms and fitness centers throughout each area of the city.

After all, there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy in Atlanta and being fit makes these activities possible. Before you choose the right gym for you in Atlanta, it is important to know what gyms are available and where they are located for your convenience. 

Atlanta Area Gyms

Before you decide which type of gym you would like to sign up within Atlanta, it is important to know what gyms are available and where they are located within the city. Trying to drive to one side of town away from where you work and live is not ideal or convenient for a number of reasons. 

Midtown Atlanta

The busy area of Atlanta in Midtown, where the artsy district and commercial buildings call it home. With a majority of Atlanta working in this district, there are a number of gyms available that host classes and stay open before and after the workday to fit the need of the area.

This area is where you will find new and contemporary style gyms like CrossFit and 24-Hour access gyms.


Even busier than Midtown, the Downtown area is busy during the day and through the evening.

Those who are living in Downtown are used to a fast-paced life, so having a gym that is fast-paced and accommodating to their work schedule is essential. 

Buckhead Atlanta

If you are looking for gymnastic style gyms and studios offering yoga classes, the upscale area of Buckhead Atlanta is home to some of the higher-end specialty gyms.

The culture of this area leans towards new and trending, which is why old school gyms like boxing gyms are not as popular in these areas. One of these high-end gyms like Exhale gym not only offers fitness services but provides spa treatments for members after they are done. 

Gyms Near Atlanta Airport

If you are traveling to Atlanta and want a quick place to work out before boarding your plane, there are several gyms available in the area that offer traditional cardio and strength training equipment to help with your fitness needs.

Even if you live in Atlanta and travel frequently for work, a gym nearby is a great way to relieve stress when you are getting home off of the plane or just before taking off.

Late, Early, In-between: 24 Hour Gyms

One of the most popular types of gyms in Atlanta is the 24-hour gym.

These gyms are accessible to members around the clock so that they can work out around their schedule. They come fully equipped with cardio and strength training equipment to help meet all of the fitness goals that you have.

Those Atlanta residents that work odd hours and get off late at night still need options outside of the standard opening times. 

Atlanta Climbing Gyms: Defeat that Mountain

Are you interested in expanding your skills in climbing? If so, these indoor rock climbing gyms allow residents to take on rock climbing by strapping themselves into secure harnesses and climbing various heights to stretch and develop their balance.

Before someone can take on rock climbing out west in nature, they need a place to practice like a bouldering gym and develop this skill safely.

Folks who enjoy hiking up Stone Mountain for the laser shows regularly enjoy climbing gyms throughout Atlanta. 

Boxing Gyms: Release Your Aggression

The art of boxing in Atlanta has deep roots, which is why there are a variety of these gyms found across the city. Often sitting in a warehouse-style gym, traditional gym equipment is not found within these walls. In a boxing gym, you will have access to open areas for training, punching bags and stands, jump roping, and then one or more rings set up for ultimate training.

Learning how to box is more than fitness, it teaches discipline and behavior management for those who practice regularly.

CrossFit Gyms Around the City

One of the more recent gym styles, CrossFit is gaining a significant following in Atlanta as it is across the country.

A program designed to use bodyweight, CrossFit trainers guide their members on how to build their fitness with the equipment they always have on them; their body. Use your body strength to push your fitness to new levels with each session. 

Professional MMA Gyms

If you have a passion for Martial Arts, MMA gyms may be right for you. In these gyms, a variety of mixed martial arts styles are taught and used to train and build discipline. Like boxing, MMA becomes a lifestyle change, and those who practice regularly find MMA gyms to have a constant learning opportunity while maintaining their fitness goals.

The American Ninja Gym is one of the most popular MMA gyms with its strenuous obstacle courses designed to test all levels of your fitness. 

Basketball Gyms

Sometimes you just want to enjoy your favorite sport when you hit the gym.

If indoor basketball is your game and something you truly enjoy with a group of friends, then basketball gyms may be right for you. With a large court, you are able to have several games going so that you and your friends can play when everyone can be there.

Enjoy the cardio that basketball provides and the weight rooms that some of these gyms offer to maintain your strength training off the court or on it.

Gyms with Powerlifting Focus

Some residents prefer to put their energy into powerlifting and building muscle mass when they are spending time working out.

At these powerlifting gyms in Atlanta, residents have access to the top tier strength training equipment to spend their time building their muscle across their body. With many of the gym trainers in competition, the gym members have access to some of the best resources in the industry for bodybuilding and entering strongman competitions.

Gymnastic Equipment and Program-centered gyms

Sometimes getting fit is not enough for the people of Atlanta. With several gymnastic gyms across the city, they are able to work on their balance and agility as well as their fitness levels when they hit the gym.

The coaches and trainers in these facilities will assist members with the right form and help guide them to becoming more flexible in their daily lives. 

Getting Cool Out? Try a Gym with a Pool

If you are looking to get into water aerobics or just spend time exercising in the water, you should seek out gyms with pools.

Many of these gyms are either private or offered at city recreation facilities. In these pools, there are several styles of aerobics that you can enjoy year-round that are easier to manage on your body than standard exercises. 

How Will You Maintain Your Fitness in Atlanta?

If you are looking to get fit while living in Atlanta or just visiting the area, it is essential to know that you have a variety of options available to you.

Depending on where you live in or around the city of Atlanta, you may have several different options to choose from. If you are not sure where you need to be in your fitness journey, try one or two gyms that seem interesting and see which one fits. Either way, you have a number of fitness centers at your disposal in Atlanta.

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