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For those who are moving to the Atlanta area in the near future, or currently renting and looking to put down roots, the schools in any city are enough to help someone direct their attention to a particular community or district.

With Atlanta being one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Southeast region, knowing what types of school options are available is critical for new or growing families. Access to top tier education and classes is critical for many of these homeowners with school-age kids moving to the area.

Public Schools in Atlanta

The public school system in Atlanta offers quality education options to all of their students living throughout the city in different neighborhoods, giving them access to equal and free education regulated publicly.

Because of the size of the city, there are over 90 education facilities that include everything from elementary, middle, high, and career school options to give students the opportunity to quality education. 

The Local School District

All Atlanta Public Schools fall under the Atlanta School District that includes not only general public education facilities but also charter facilities and same-gender academies for diversified learning options.

With a community as diverse as Atlanta's and home to over 50,000 students, it is essential to offer educational options that assist with the different learning styles and abilities of these students. 

High Schools for Atlanta Students

There are several high schools found around the city to maintain the large number of students enrolled in the Atlanta Public School system.

With approximately 20 high schools in the metro, it can be difficult to determine which school has the best programs and offer more options for students who need more of a challenge.

A few of the high schools in up-and-coming areas of the local area are North Atlanta High School, South Atlanta High School, and Westlake High School. They are among some of the favorable schools in the city.

Middle Schools: Moving into Teenage Years

Home to the grades of 6-8, middle school years is an essential part of your child's development intellectually and socially.

Finding the right school that is not surrounding by a less-than-attractive neighborhood and offers a variety of sports options gives your child the ability to move forward with their interests and steer clear of potential dangers outside of school. 

Elementary Schools: Setting a Foundation

These are the schools where students begin their education in Pre-K or Kindergarten all the way through 5th grade. Many of these elementary schools keep these children together based upon the neighborhood in which they live, offering more elementary schools than other learning facilities in the district. 

Charter Schools including International Options

Another option that parents have in the area is to take advantage of charter school options for their children if they are interested.

While they are often a part of the district, they offer a different curriculum or environment from the standard public school. One of the most common charter schools is the International Charter School of Atlanta where students who have an international background can come and enjoy their education in an environment that helps them transition to living in the US. 

Local Private Schools

Like most metro cities, there are also private academies and institutions that are not affiliated with the local public school system and operate on their own curriculum and policies. Parents must agree to and often pay for this private education, as it can be religious in nature or tailored specifically to college preparatory.

The Westminister School Atlanta is one of the oldest and highest regarded private schools in the city for those who want to provide their children with private education. 

Christian Schools: Catholic and Protestant

With the separation of church and state still a part of the public school system, some Christian parents want their children to engage in a completely Christian curriculum and environment that parallels with their lifestyle and personal beliefs.

The Greater Atlanta Christian School is one of the highest regarded in the city, with its acceptance of Christian children with different belief backgrounds. At the center of the school is the teaching of Jesus Christ and implementing the Bible into their daily curriculum. 

Boarding Schools

Maybe you live outside of the city in a suburb and are looking for boarding schools for your children. These options are great for parents who may not have the best access to schools in rural Georgia but can afford to send their children to get a quality education.

The foundation of boarding schools is designed to keep the students on campus and accounted for at all times while keeping them separated by gender and preparing them for life outside the home. 

Summer Schools

If you are looking for a few different options to give your child some academic help when regular school is out or help them get caught up when they are behind, there are summer school options to consider they offer classes based on certain subjects that students can take advantage of to graduate early or on time if necessary. 

Education is Abundant in Atlanta

No matter what type of education you are looking for when it comes to your loved ones, the city of Atlanta has you covered.

Depending on what you are passionate about and what your budget offers, you have a variety of options and can look for homes in these school zones so that your children attend your preferred school if you have one. 

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