Great Family Photo Shoot Locations

Family photo shoots create memorable experiences and keepsakes. Choosing a location and a photographer can also accentuate that experience. Whether you are drawn to a more traditional backdrop or interested in a unique and off the beaten path locale, this is our guide to great family photo shoots.

  1. Cochran Mills Park


    Cochran Mills Park has nice aesthetics, great operating hours, biking and horseback compatible. Be prepared for paid parking.


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  2. Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area


    Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area boasts a scenic location with enclosed animals. There is an entry fee. 

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  3. South Fulton Scenic Byway has varying scenery: forest and farm, isolated and serene.


  4. Sweetwater Creek State Park


    Sweetwater Creek has trails, arbor beauty and other flora. There is an entry fee and lots of walking is required.

  5. Piedmont Park Conservancy


    Piedmont Park has an open area, no entry fee and is Atlanta’s signature photo spot. The popular downtown location can get crowded.

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