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Austin Sculpt and Tone founder Paul Winsor turned his personal journey into a way to help other people

Paul Winsor tells Austin Life about the path that led him to Austin and to open his innovative fitness spa that combines LipoMelt, Electro Muscle Simulation, and Exercise with Oxygen Therapy,

“I was one of those kids who could eat whatever they wanted and never gain a pound. But that all changed in my twenties," he shares. "I went from being a skinny 160 lbs. to hitting 204 lbs. over a three-year period. I had low energy, looked bad in my clothes and I knew I had to turn my life around. I worked hard and lost the weight, but I had a stubborn ring of fat around my middle. I was in medical sales at the time and a client told me about the first generation of lipo melt machines. I wanted to try it out to see if it worked – and it did. It got rid of my beer belly – and my interest spiraled from there. I bought a device and started working in the offices of a naturopathic doctor, learning about the body and how to make it stronger and smarter. I learned that when you’re happier in your body, you’re happier in your mind – and I could help people find balance and strength. That was 11 years ago,

"I moved to Austin in August 2017. I had a friend who lived here and when the weather in Canada was crappy and cold I’d get a call from Austin telling me the sun was shining, and Blondie was playing at Stubb’s, and I’d think that’s where I should be. Three years after moving here, I still love the weather, the music scene, the vibe. And I’m here imaking a difference. My clients tell me they feel amazing after working with me, they feel stronger, notice their muscles tightening and toning and after two or three sessions they see the inches coming off. I form good bonds with them, getting them to focus on their goals, pushing them towards a better lifestyle. This year I want to encourage everyone to love themselves more. We want the world to go back to normal, and when it does, I’m here to help people lose the COVID-19 lbs. they put on during the difficulties of 2020. They may also be depressed after such a hard year, and I’ll teach them how exercise boosts endorphins and increased oxygen intake boosts their immunity. Working with me will really help people become the new person they deserve to be in this new year.”

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