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Redefining the General Dentist

Article by Roslyn Bond

Photography by Greg Daily

Originally published in Austin Lifestyle

Getting dental work is not known to be fun, right? Sometimes there is a relief from knowing that your oral hygiene will be tended to, yes, and you can live to see another day with a clean mouth; however, what if, hear me out, people did not go to the dentist simply because of the eerie feeling that often accompanies when going?

If this stigma could be removed somehow, would it make a difference? Would we go to the dentist more regularly? Would children and husbands gleefully attend their appointments when they are set without discord?

What if I told you there’s a place like this right here in Austin. 5 of them! Where the common belief is about having fun, because we all know that fun creates enthusiasm and energy, and enthusiasm is the cornerstone of great leadership; personal or in an organization.

Not hesitating to break the rules of propriety, in October 2016, co-founders - Dr. Hardik Chodavadia and Dr. Devish Patel, opened their own first local dentist office on South Lamar after experiencing the monotonous effects and underlying woes of working a corporate job. 

Having a guiding philosophy of care along with a spirit that belongs on the Las Vegas strip, you’ll be sure to find the most happening spot for your dental work at Enamel Dentistry, where the Austin vibes keep coming! 

Enamel Dentistry’s vision is to make their patients feel at ease and comfortable, so what better way to accomplish that endeavor than to offer beer, wine, and netflix and chill of course!

Another truth behind dentistry is that the doctor, whether they like it or not, is the rock star of the practice. The team is important, but the brand of the practice really winds up being, ‘Do I like the doctor?’

From bitching in a corporate break room to dancing with their very own Enamel resident DJ in their hip Austin Dentis offices, Dr. C and Dr. Patel have broken the mold in the dentist industry, and the key ingredient for this was just to have fun!

Enamel Dentistry has more technology at their disposal, not just in dentistry but in marketing as well. Their talented and dedicated brand director, Alex Strubbe, has contributed to the development and success of Enamel Dentistry’s vision and mission over the years and continues to implement new ways to gain positive exposure for Enamel Dentistry’s unique twist on the dentistry. Alex has always had a passion for fitness and community. Growing up, when he wasn't out working odd jobs to earn money, he was training for track. Alex discovered his true calling during his Sophomore year at The University of Texas at Austin- when he overcame an 80-pound weight gain by taking his first spin class. The combination of community and fitness was where Alex discovered his strengths to overcome his internal conflicts. Alex joined Enamel Dentistry in early October 2019 as a marketing consultant. Alex later joined Enamel in a full-time capacity in May 2020, where he currently serves as the Head of Brand and People Operations for the organization. In this role, Alex oversees all marketing, internal and community-facing as well as all internal operations, including company culture, growth projection and business development. 

In the end, it will all come back to believing in the care the dental office provides, because your patients will notice. This has certainly been the case with Enamel Dentistry’s bold and modern approach to general dentistry in the Austin area, and they expect the concept to catch on and expand for promising growth and creating a new perception of the general dentist so they can continue showing gratitude to the community and demonstrating to younger generations what it means to be able to break out of the norm, thrive and contribute to the world we live in. 

Dr. Hardik Chodavadia

Dr. Chodavadia spent most of his life here in Texas, aside from the years he attended college in Pennsylvania. When his college roommate suggested that he might enjoy a career in dentistry, Dr. Chodavadia decided to shadow a dentist to see what it’s all about. He quickly realized how fulfilling dental work can be, and that it offers the opportunity to talk to people all day while improving their smiles and their lives. He was immediately hooked. Dr. Chodavadia earned his DDS from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.

During dental school, Dr. Chodavadia had a brief stint as a stand-up comedian, so he’s been known to crack a few jokes during appointments to help comfort patients through the power of laughter. His approachable, light-hearted personality puts patients at ease, so you’ll always feel like a friend when you’re in his chair. You’re in good hands with Dr. Chodavadia at Enamel Dentistry!

Dr. Devish Patel

Dr. Patel attended UT Austin for his undergraduate studies, later going on to complete dental school at UTHSC-San Antonio. After gaining clinical experience in Dallas, he eventually relocated to Austin, where he provides highly-skilled, individualized dental care. He loves being able to help others have a healthier, happier smile!

Dr. Patel is happy to be settled down, as he spent many years relocating with his family as a child. Although he often didn’t attend the same school for very long, the process of moving around made him a pro at getting to know new people and making friends. Not only did this make the process of changing schools easier, but it continues to be a valuable skill he uses today. Dr. Patel exudes positive, fun-loving energy that’s utterly contagious – even the most nervous patients are quick to feel comfortable and relaxed during their visits. We’re sure you’ll agree that an appointment with him feels more like a visit to a friend!

South Lamar Office:

2717 South Lamar Blvd

Suite 1086

Austin, Texas 78704

(512) 717-5315

Lantana Office:

7415 Southwest Parkway

Building 6 #200

Austin, Texas 78735

(512) 648-6115

Parmer Park Office: 

1606 E Parmer Lane 


Austin, Texas 78753

(512) 572-0215

Domain Office:

11005 Burnet Road


Austin, Texas 78758

(512) 646-0815

Saltillo Office:

901 E 5th Street

Suite 170

Austin, Texas 78702

(512) 649-7510

Instagram: @ enameldentistry



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