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Meet the New First Lady of Longhorn Gameday

Loreal’s Tips for Pulling off a Polished Look

“As a stylist, my mantra is to inspire people to look their best so that they can feel their best and go out with confidence.”

Taking a basic everyday outfit of jeans and a white shirt:

●     Always make sure your shirt is ironed. 

●     Choose a shirt that is flattering to your body type. Not super fitted but slightly tailored or fitted looks best.

●     If you tuck your shirt in, accessorize with a nice accent belt.

●     Choose jeans that flatter your body type.  Men don’t wear baggy jeans.  Ladies don’t wear jeans that are too tight.  Make sure your jeans fit properly and they are on your waist. Jeans that are partially unzipped and hanging down just look sloppy.

●     Accessorize.  Men add a hat or ballcap and some clean sneakers, boots or casual shoes.  Ladies add some dynamite jewelry - statement earrings or a long necklace - and a pair of pumps or trendy sandals. Add some color with a purse or clutch.

●     Top it off with a jacket or a blazer if you want a more professional but still casual look.

●     It is not about wearing expensive pieces.  It’s about being presentable and approachable.

●     Never leave the house unless you have checked your hair.  It should be clean and brushed or combed.  Post COVID people aren’t wearing much makeup, but lip gloss is a bare minimum even for a natural look.

●     Now more than ever networking is important.  You don’t want to miss an opportunity to connect because you haven’t taken time to put together a polished look. 

On September 4th a breath of fresh air will breeze into DKR Texas Memorial Stadium in the person of the new “First Lady of Longhorn Gameday”, Loreal Sarkisian.  She’s funny, engaging, smart and fashionable. At 35 she is young and refreshing with the wisdom of an old soul.  As a former athlete and coach, she understands the industry of sport and she is definitely all in as a member of the team. As a woman of faith, she trusts that Austin and the Longhorn nation is exactly the place where she and Coach Sarkisian are meant to be.

Loreal is multi-faceted - a stylist, a businesswoman, speaker, philanthropist and sports consultant-personal coach.  She is also the wife and strongest supporter of UT’s new head coach, Steve Sarkisian.  Coming from powerhouse Alabama the couple is aware of the pressure put on the head coach to win as well as the spotlight that will be on them as the season begins. That is why Loreal finds herself in the perfect place at the perfect time.

“When this opportunity came up, we talked through everything. I was excited about UT and Austin, but I am also his partner and wife first. I always want what is the best for him and wanted to make sure it was the right fit.  Would he be successful there? Would he be happy?  What was the upside? Was there a downside? It was a professional, personal and a lifestyle decision we were making. I was a coach, so I understand how the right fit is important both on and off the field. Texas and Austin checked off all of the boxes.”

Checking off the boxes for Loreal is also being in a place that will allow her to be true to herself and to successfully navigate the many roles she will be playing.  A former track star (she ran the 100 m hurdles in less than 13 seconds) and coach at USC, she understands the mental and physical stress experienced by athletes and looks forward to connecting with the players as the “team mom”.

“UT is the home away from home for our players and I want them to be comfortable and feel safe. It is important to know that they are supported not only by the university and the coaches but that I am there for them. I want to provide the female ear and let them know that I understand what it means to be an athlete. No one pressures an athlete more than they themselves do and I get it. Because I’ve been a coach and an athlete, I believe I can be an asset with a unique perspective when it comes to supporting not only my husband but also the team.”

Loreal’s desire to inspire and empower people has been her North Star in both her career and her life purpose.  “I want to be a resource to help people become the best version of themselves they can possibly be.  We are all works in progress and we all need help sometime.”

Loreal has combined her love of fashion and people to build a brand, Loreal Luciano (https://lorealluciana.com/) as a professional stylist. Backed by a wonderful team, she advises everyone from CEOs to athletes and celebrities to ordinary people on ways to look and feel their best with an emphasis not only on clothing and accessories but also on fitness, health and wellness. 

“A person’s style speaks for them before they can speak for themselves. It is so much more than choosing a trendy or a chic outfit. In order to present your best self, you have to be fit and confident - mentally and physically - before you even look in your closet. I hope I can inspire people to do more than see my fashions. I sincerely believe that style encompasses the big picture including health and wellness. Being authentic and genuine allows you to express yourself in different ways.” 

Inspiration and empowerment are also key elements in Loreal’s commitment to helping others. Giving back has been important throughout her life. It is the pillar of her philanthropy and the Loreal Sarkisian Foundation she is in the process of creating. “I learned firsthand and early from my parents that helping others was part of living my faith. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority, the emphasis was on serving others and as a coach mentoring was my way of giving back. I am especially interested in being a resource financially and personally for marginalized women and children and aligning myself with organizations that provide support for them.  I’m a hands-on person and I look forward to finding the organizations and events in Austin that share my purpose.”

With an optimistic and creative spirit, Loreal is looking forward to becoming a member of the Longhorn Nation. On game day all eyes may not be on the field as the First Lady of Gameday arrives. Loreal describes her style as classic but a bit edgy, sophisticated with a hint of spice and timeless with a nod to Longhorn colors and tradition.  Although her website (https://lorealsarkisian.com/gameday-looks/) gives a sneak peek of game day looks with more to come, Loreal wasn’t certain she could pull off burnt orange or wear cowboy boots. “At first I struggled with burnt orange because I couldn’t find it in many pieces of clothing. I’m also aware of making sure whatever I wear compliments my skin tone. I love white but I wanted to find some other pairings and looks. Once I got into it and started pairing it with colors I love like navy, olive green, black and grey I was all in.  And on game day you will see me wearing not only trendy boots but cowboy boots. I always wondered what the hype was about and never owned a pair before coming to Austin. Now my closet has a place of honor for them. I have ordered a pair of custom boots from L.M. Easterling in Fredericksburg so I can feel like a true Texan.”

No matter what she chooses to wear on September 4th and subsequent game days it’s a sure bet that heads will turn when Loreal Sarkisian enters. She will be wearing her best accessories - optimism, grace, faith, a smile and living her mantra ‘To thine own self be true.’ - win or lose.

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