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Whether you are wanting to spruce up your home with new décor and finishes or just appreciate the beautiful homes in our area, we have you covered with what our city has to offer from design studios, shops, home tours and more. 

  1. Adrian Armstrong (@adrianarmstrongart)

    Originally from Nebraska, Armstrong creates work exploring his Black identity here in Austin, TX.

  2. Shaun O’Dell (shaunodell.com)

    Shaun O’Dell is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist from Beeville, Texas whose work has been included in many American art museums.


  3. Kyle Steed (@kylesteed)

    Kyle Steed currently lives in Dallas, TX and creates art to “regain inner youth,” often inspired by his daughters.

  4. Jordy Kerwick (@jordykerwick)

    Jordy Kerwick is an Australian artist that focuses his work on nature, drawing inspiration from his wife and children.

  5. Lakwena Maciver (@lakwena)

    Lakwena Maciver is a London-based artist whose work incorporates bright colors and text that responds to elements of popular culture.