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I'm a dancer and NASM Certified Personal Trainer based in KCMO. You can usually find me teaching classes at Barre3 Kansas City (located in Brookside), searching for rainbow murals, or expanding my unicorn collection! I created my blog, HealthyBunhead, in 2012 to help keep me accountable on my new fitness journey. Since then, HB has grown from my passion project to my career. Smiles, sparkles, and sweat are my business!

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Sweat with BAE for Valentine's Day

If you're looking to switch things up this Valentine's Day, try taking your significant other to a fitness class! Trying something new can be a great bonding experience, especially when you're boosting your mood with that post-workout endorphin bliss. When I asked my boyfriend to accompany me to a fitness class for Valentine's Day, I was surprised by his excitement. (He's truly a gem.) I let him choose the class, which is only fair when you're asking someone to sweat on a holiday that is...

How Barre3 Can Change Your Workout

Group fitness can be intimidating, especially when you are trying something new. At times it can feel like the whole room is against you or watching your every move. One Kansas City studio is working to combat group fitness stereotypes and promote balance in both body and mind. Barre3 Kansas City, located in the Brookside neighborhood on 63rd Street, is redefining your relationship with fitness. This month Barre3 launched its annual January Challenge, with a twist this year. Instead of focusing...

5 Positive Mantras for Your Next Workout

The start of the new year and onslaught of fitness goals can be intimidating, alienating, and even discouraging at times. Our televisions and newsfeeds are overrun by traditionally "perfect" bodies demonstrating high-intensity and high-impact workouts designed to "shock, burn, and destroy" your system. With all of that on display, it can be overwhelming to a beginner or someone wanting to start a fitness routine. I've encouraged my clients to adopt the mindset that exercise is not a punishment...