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Hi, I’m Julie. I am a mom, humor writer and bacon hater – please don’t drop me as a friend. I eat meat. I just don’t like bacon. It tastes salty. I realize this is a character flaw and I probably can’t be trusted but I feel better letting you know I’m going to give you my bacon off my plate. There you go, friend. I have two daughters, Emma, a freshman in high school, and Kate, a middle-schooler. You’ll meet them soon enough. They're awesome and constantly telling me I'm too old for TikTok. I know your time cannot be wasted. I have a point and it’s this – I am nothing special. My life happens and I write about it. I try to find the humor and authenticity in life and I share it. That’s it. It's that easy and that hard. As always, thank you for reading my words.

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