my city life 

with Kevin Hines


Kevin Hines is a storyteller at heart. He is a best selling author, global public speaker, and award winning documentary filmmaker. In the Year 2000, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Many factors contributed to his miraculous survival including a sea lion which kept him afloat until the Coast Guard arrived. Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness & the ability to survive pain with true resilience. His motto is #BeHereTomorrow and every single day after that. Kevin helps people defeat their pain and past traumas through the power of storytelling and personal vulnerability. His message is one of hope, healing, and recovery.

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My Life, My Love, My Gift...

I don’t know how she does it. There are so many times when I am irritable, moody, and just plain all over the place. I swing up, and I come crashing down. I go left, and I sway right. Often times I find myself pacing in circles talking to myself aloud. I have bipolar disorder, type one with psychotic features. Including extreme paranoia, delusional manic highs, hallucinations both auditory and visual, panic attacks, abandonment issues, and drastically deep depressions. She and I live every day...