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Laura Mak Quist has created a community of fitness enthusiasts that are inspired by the unique way she sees the world through rose + kale colored sparkly glasses. Through videos, photos, blogs, and focused social media interactions she spreads her infectious joy and wealth of knowledge to empower, equip and inspire others to build strength in body, mind and spirit. There are exercise plans, eating well strategies, yoga + stretching, and clever lifestyle tidbits. From a joyful, healthy perspective, Laura creates content showcasing her "boy mom" travel experiences with her family. She explores both domestic and abroad with successful, likeminded business women. Laura creates and hosts health + lifestyle related workshops.

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Fuel Up: Delivery from The Juicy Cafe

Thank heavens for delivery, right? But let me ask you in all seriousness, how long as it been since you had your last cold pressed juice? Are you a juicer? Are you overdue? Do you need more support keeping your immunity + body healthy?The Juicy Café is a locally owned Seattle business since 1992. Abagail has taken over the family business that her mother started nearly 30 years ago. Abagail has a mission to help people live better by eating better. She has been a long-term sufferer from an...

Find the Best Foam Roller for Self-Care

It seems like we are all looking for ways to simply incorporate self-care and ways to feel good, sleep well, and be well. Here is a self-care tool that you will definitely want to add to your routine. And believe me, they are not all the same. The IntelliRoll Foam Roller is one of the best top-notch foam rollers. It was created by the well-known chiropractor out of Omega Rehab and Sport in Westlake Village, Calif. Dr. Sevak Khobadakhshian, aka “Dr. K.,” was the one who designed and created...

Nutty Infusions 

Why not choose today for the perfect day to cook something BOLD + DARING that will fill up the house with warm, "homey" odors OR to try something outside your “normal go-to” foods + flavors. It is so easy to get caught in a food rut, eating the same things, with the same flavors, blah blah. While that may be "easy" our body recognizes that and then grows less efficient and let’s say "bored." Your metabolism can even begin to slow down. But there's no need to let that happen when you...

5 Tips to Work from Home Successfully

There are many new opportunities to work from home. It is very important to set yourself up for success. I have created a list of points to consider to help your productivity and focus.1. WorkspaceCreate a separate workspace. Set yourself up for something that is specific to you working. Remove any clutter so you can have clarity in your thoughts. Add an inspiring decoration or two. 2. RoutineHave a consistent morning routine and schedule to follow. Your routine can start with...

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