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Liz and John Attaway are co-adventurers of the regional website, From concerts, to fashion, to best restaurants, to advising on weekend events, they know the best festivals, beer, and places around the Atlanta area. Liz is an Atlanta native, so she has seen Atlanta morph into a foodie and music destination, while having an intimate knowledge of Atlanta itself. John is a Chattanooga native and brings a unique perspective to the Atlanta scene with a background in running events and stage managing a music venue. We started Adventures in Atlanta as a destination for people in ATL and coming to ATL to cut through the clutter and provide curated recommendations on upcoming festivals, events, and more. We want ATL to find their weekend adventure! Cheers!

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Dantanna's: It's a Patio Lifestyle

Across from Atlanta’s landmark Lenox Mall in the North Buckhead is Dantanna’s. It's one part sports bar and corporate happy hour spot and one part steak and seafood house. Serving everything from savory apps and refreshing cocktails, to staple steakhouse entree favorites, Dantanna's has something for the big game or the corporate dinner. On our patio adventure, we sampled chicken egg rolls, wings, salmon and a refreshing mojito while we enjoyed a warm, spring day in the shade of one of the large...

GettaBite Food Discovery App

Relevant for today’s times, GettaBite app came roaring into the market with more than 5,000 downloads in the first three months of 2020 after an early 2020 launch. It also garnered 300,000+ total deal views every month with 1,000+ restaurant deals featured weekly. People loved it, and it quickly became their go-to app! So, going gangbusters would be a good term to describe the success of GettaBite. Then the pandemic hit. But founders Evan and Rain of GettaBite didn’t let that stop them from...

Clues & Cocktails: Meal Becomes Mission

What if we told you that you could be a special agent rewarded with food? Enter Clues & Cocktails, which traditionally would have you for dinner and a mystery show at its Auburn Avenue location or games at its themed bar, but their new takeout option keeps the fun going all the way to your door. An alternative to the boring takeout and delivery night, Clues & Cocktails invites you to order takeout and a mission for a non-traditional date night, game night and everything in between. Do...

Yumbii: Food Truck Royalty, Taco Store 

Yumbii: Food Truck Royalty turned Taco ShopHeading into South Buckhead on Peachtree, we pulled up to a bright, striking blue storefront that’s brimming with bubblegum whimsy. Yumbii Taco Shop, originally a food truck of food truck royalty status, now has a fun storefront where you can get your favorite tacos, wings, bowls, and even a margarita or canned wine. That being said, if you know us, we could eat tacos and wings every day of the week without discrimination. With the perfect blend of...

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