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Liz and John Attaway are co-adventurers of the regional website, From concerts, to fashion, to best restaurants, to advising on weekend events, they know the best festivals, beer, and places around the Atlanta area. Liz is an Atlanta native, so she has seen Atlanta morph into a foodie and music destination, while having an intimate knowledge of Atlanta itself. John is a Chattanooga native and brings a unique perspective to the Atlanta scene with a background in running events and stage managing a music venue. We started Adventures in Atlanta as a destination for people in ATL and coming to ATL to cut through the clutter and provide curated recommendations on upcoming festivals, events, and more. We want ATL to find their weekend adventure! Cheers!

recent entries

Cru Food & Wine Bar: Wine Oasis

On a bustling corner at The Battery Atlanta, there’s a wine oasis dotted with bluish-purple umbrellas, marble tabletops, warm vibes, and surrounded by several colors of delicate flowers and greenery. Cru Food & Wine Bar at the Battery Atlanta has mastered the art of superb wine procurement from magnificent Champagne and Smell the Rosés flights to a wide variety of dishes that complement the wine on their menu. We can’t think of anything better to pair your favorite vino with than a solid...

Grana Atlanta

On the busy corner in Piedmont Heights, Grana’s newly built restaurant is a shrine to the almighty meatball—and all things Italian. Herringbone floors, two large Neapolitan pizza ovens, sweeping lights and impeccable décor, Grana has an impressively upscale dining room that pays homage to the chef’s Italian heritage. It’s a stunner. Heading up to the beach vibe rooftop bar and patio, you’re greeted with the neon sign that reminds you that this place will be known for its balls—meatballs that is...

Piastra: Homemade with Love

The white tablecloth is crisp and clean, the table is adorned with fine linen-wrapped silverware, china, tall shiny wine glasses, and the smell of fresh baked bread fills the air. This sets the stage for the elegant Italian food Piastra makes from scratch with love. Tucked in the charming downtown Marietta Square, Piastra boasts handmade, in-house mozzarella or pasta, fresh baked bread, hand-stuffed sausage, and even made-from-scratch desserts like peach cobbler. It’s all so fresh and feels...

Carson Kitchen Atlanta

Most recent visit: June 23, 2020: Love is in the air.You know that scene at the end of the romantic comedy where the two love birds you’ve been rooting for the entire move finally share their first kiss and the credits roll along with that single tear on your cheek? That’s the heartfelt homecoming we enjoyed in our recent outing back to our love, Carson Kitchen. Impressed with the bacon jam and oxtail risotto on the first go-round, this time we were equally impressed with every bite we put in...

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