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I am a long-term traveler, blogger, and photographer with one goal in mind - to make you wish you were somewhere else. I've been writing about my travel lifestyle and around the world adventures on and sharing it on my social media channels since 2006. In my 11 years of living nomadically I've circled the globe multiple times visiting all 7 continents. I lived in Vietnam, hiked the Annapurna Circuit with my father, finished the 10,000 mile Mongol Rally, walked the Camino de Santiago, kayaked in Antarctica, herded reindeer in the Arctic, and drove an auto-rickshaw across India. I continue to seek out epic adventures to intriguing places to inspire people to overcome their fears and reap the benefits of travel!

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7 of the Best Day Trips From Denver

7 of the Best Day Trips from Denver was originally published in Otts WorldI moved to Denver for one of the great loves of my life…the mountains. I can look out my apartment window and see them; they are close, but sometimes seem so far away (especially when you don’t have a car!). They taunt me, with their inviting snow-covered peaks, aspens, rugged trails, and high-altitude lakes.The mountains are calling.I can’t ignore that calling for long.The mountains have felt particularly far...

Places To Travel Each Month Of The Year

Unique Places To Travel Each Month of the Year was first published on Ottsworld.comWhen the world starts to travel again post Covid19 quarantines - where will you go?  I think one of the things people agree on is they want to go to places that aren't crowded or necessarily well-known. That may mean isolated destinations, remote outdoor places, urban settings that are lesser known (tier 4 & 5 cities), or maybe you want to just stick to small towns. I feel like I'm perfectly poised...

How to Foster Kittens

How to Foster Kittens was originally published in Otts WorldIt’s my favorite time of year – it’s Kitten Season!That’s right, you read that correctly – Kitten Season. Along with lilacs blooming, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the grill being lighted for the first time – this is the time when an inordinate amount of kittens are born.I was one of the first fosters to get kittens this season and I sort of feel like they have saved me from slipping into quarantine depression. In March I...

Artsy Things to Do In Scottsdale 

Things to do in Scottsdale for any Art Lover was originally published in Otts WorldScottsdale Arizona is one of those cities that has lots of things to do for every type of person. But one thing it’s particularly exceptional in is art.There’s public art walks, museums and galleries galore, and even the restaurants are creative!Here is a list of things to do in Scottsdale for an art lover, organized by different styles and movements of art!I took art history in college. I remember...

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