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meet Stacy Conde

I spent my early career years riding in vans with bands and working at the best independent record labels in Chicago: Touch and Go and Wax Trax. Music has been my lifeblood, but fashion and art have become equal obsessions. I've lived in New York, LA, Chicago, Yucca Valley and London. I have run marketing departments for major record labels, and worked with Doug Aitken’s Station to Station, Beastie Boys, Joni Mitchell, David Lynch/Twin Peaks, Damien Hirst; and ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, the home of the iconic Cinerama Dome. ​ When I visit a new city, there are three things that are essential: the best coffee and baked goods on offer, and a list of places to see local art. I will drive out of my way for a bag of fresh coffee beans or the perfect baguette.