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Being a City Lifestyle ambassador allows me to join my passion for writing along with my passion for living a healthy & happy lifestyle. In addition to writing about wellness, I will share stories that will hopefully tug at your heartstrings or perhaps, make you smile. A former educator and yoga/meditation instructor for many years, I provide wellness support via healthy breathing, relaxations, & visualizations to individuals & companies. In addition, I love writing, hiking, travel, yoga, biking, & can often be found at local farmer's markets with my husband, Jack, & our dogs, Layla & Cooper. If my writing resonates with you, I am thankful to have touched your life in a positive way. *3 Fun Facts About Me: I play piano by ear, I like singing karaoke, & I have a goofy sense of humor!

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Chocolate Chip Meets Cake Batter Hummus

Hummus. It isn't just a middle eastern appetizer anymore! Go into most grocery stores and you will find everything from chocolate to snickerdoodle flavored hummus. Before it became 'a thing', I was making chocolate chip dessert hummus for my kids in place of processed sweet snacks. At first, they thought I was crazy when I threw in the cans of chick peas. But when they tasted it, they were sold. It honestly tastes like healthy cookie dough! Recently, I came across a fellow wellness blogger...

3 Tips For Staying Cooler This Summer

It’s that time of year where the temperatures are rising and we plan our outdoor activities around the sun’s most powerful rays. If, like me, you are living in a state with high summer temperatures, staying cool while being outdoors is critical. When the temperatures in Arizona hit the triple digits, it is more important than ever to stay cool and hydrated. If you are determined not to let the heat stop you from your enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, here are a few suggestions to help...

The Perfect Summer Picnic Recipe

Summer picnics are the perfect time to grab a cute blanket and some friends and enjoy a great summer evening together. Pulling together an assortment of easy to nosh on nibbles that stay fresh in the heat can be a bit challenging, yet fun when the perfect spread comes together. When I want to step it up a notch from my usual cheese and charcuterie platter, I love to make this super easy recipe- cold shrimp ceviche for the win! Traditionally, the fish used in ceviches are raw and then cured with...

10 Silver Linings of the Pandemic

Silver linings. We have been hearing of these lately; people finding a positive in a difficult situation. I have thought about this quite a bit, since I have always said, 'although we can't stop stress from coming our way, we can change our reaction to this stress.' The stress that came everyone's way was unforeseen and the fallout hasn't even come close to stopping. This was a time for me to look deeply within and 'walk the walk' rather than 'talk the talk'. I knew that my reaction to this...

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