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I am so excited to share my wellness journey and tips with my readers. A former educator and a yoga/meditation instructor for many years, I now provide private sessions + wellness workshops to individuals & companies. I teach healthy breathing, relaxation, goal manifestation, & visualization techniques. These tools help others manage daily stress & live a healthier life. In addition to my passion for helping others 'find their breath' during challenging times, I love writing, hiking, travel, yoga, biking, and I can often be found at local farmer's markets with my husband, Jack, and our dogs, Layla and Cooper. I am grateful to have found my unique path and I am passionate about providing and sharing life-changing wellness techniques to others to enhance their overall peace & wellness.

recent entries

Surrender to the Unpredictable (S.T.T.U)

I honestly did not think my morning bike ride would lead to any epiphanies or would be the topic of my next blog article. But here we are! My cycling around town today became a metaphor for how I am perceiving life in this 'new normal' (which does not feel normal!) that we are living through with the COVID-19 pandemic.Many of my friends have expressed their frustration with the out of control feelings they are facing during this uncertain time. I have always felt that control was an illusion. We...

Family's Hilarious Dynamic Duo Photos

Facebook—we open it some days and just cringe from the negativity and controversy we see posted. Imagine my surprise when I saw a Facebook friend and his adorable, young family as they dressed up as dynamic duos each day. Their sense of humor is palpable, and their children's participation in their antics is truly admirable! I spoke to Benjamin Burke, a fitness trainer for 16 years, and his wife Melissa, a behavioral therapist who works with autistic children, to understand the impetus for...

My Finest Mother's Day Gifts

Dear Jordyn & Lexi,Yes—I know. It's Mothers' Day, not Daughter's Day, so why am I writing you both this letter? The truth is I could never have had this 'role-of-a-lifetime' had I not been gifted with the blessed gift of the two of you. I have to tell you a little secret. I always wanted girls. True, it was my comfort zone coming from a family of five sisters, but I also just thought of all the fun things we can do through the years. From pedicures, to spa days, to shopping days, I just...

Wine + Wellness: Additive-Free Bottles

Wine and wellness. Those words rarely go together. And written by a wellness ambassador nonetheless! The truth is that I have always been a believer in moderation. Eating clean and healthy most of the time but allowing myself those occasional indulgences. The same with alcohol. I enjoy having a nice glass of wine with dinner and while out socializing with friends. I have also always been passionate about the whole winemaking process. I have traveled to wine country several times and toured...

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