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Toni is a 29-year-old native of Kansas City, MO, with a background in marketing and communications. She is currently the group sales coordinator for Starlight Theater and also volunteers with Fashion Honors Autism (FHA) as the director of marketing. Toni has held prior positions in media with The Examiner Newspaper, and has also served as a voice for the community as a multimedia journalist for WACH Fox News in Columbia, SC. She is also a professional model, having modeled for local KC brands and designers. Toni has traveled to many places to pursue her modeling career, including New York, Miami, Atlanta, and Detroit. Toni is a mother who enjoys family, cooking, traveling, and writing for her blog, The Mommy Model. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

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5 Ways to Socialize from a Distance

I was browsing on Instagram last week and came across a post from a young couple enjoying each other’s company for a date night by creating their own winery. The wife budgeted $50 to buy a variety of wines, cheeses and salami, crackers, etc. to create the ultimate in home winery experience. I thought to myself, “How cute!” With spending more time inside the house recently, my family and friends have become extremely creative for get togethers. Check out a few ideas, below, to ensure you and your...

A Mom, A Model, A Mogul

Can I brag about myself for a bit? I started a t-shirt line! How exciting! Here is the backstory of how it all came about! My blog, The Mommy Model is well over a year old, with a few of my family and friends now referring to me as “The Mommy Model”. Through this blog, I have networked and met with many moms alike who have inspired me and who I’ve inspired. Starting this blog was important to me, because I wanted to show all moms of the world that we too, could be successful in chasing after a...

Declutter Your Home + Make Money!

While it may be February, we are still pretty brand new in the New Year. As I start winding down from bursting out the gate with tackling goals in the New Year, organizing my house is still high-priority on my to-do list! From clothes and shoes, accessories, my son’s overwhelming amount of toys (he’s way too spoiled by the family), to even unnecessary items that have built up in the back of my trunk—decluttering just makes me feel better.I’ve turned to a few options when it comes to deciding...

Celebrity Hair Styles that Inspired Me

Ok, confession! My new cut is not my hair. BUT – I’m testing the waters to see what I’ll look like and how to manage my hair if I were to get the cut below. I’ve been wanting this cut since seeing Regina Hall in the movie, Girl’s Trip.It’s so elegant and sexy at the same time. It gives me Boss Babe and fun all in one! Her blunt cut inspired me to stalk Pinterest for inspo and when I got tired of my longer extensions, I passed my mother a pair of shears. Together, we created the blunt cut I am...

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