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Founder, Visionary of Locals World/ Locals Closet and Trained Facilitator Share Cacao by V+V Valerie is 24 yrs old and is leading her generation into the New Paradigm of consciousness, sustainability, human connection, and local travel. Locals World ( (@localsworld), for now focuses on locals supporting local businesses, and the rise of divine feminine, we are one the human race and Earth is our home. Expand Horizons, Cross Borders and Open Doors,... to step into your power. Valerie is a trained Cacao Facilitator, and shares the heart-opening plant medicine with local (women-owned) business owners and her local community to embody the fact that, "life is the ceremony." Valerie's main focus is to serve her local community, in hopes of starting somewhere and create the life she always dreamed of, starting #locally and highlighting local businesses in New York.

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