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At City Lifestyle, we are about empowering content creators to inspire and connect communities. We’ve got the tools and rewards—you bring the creativity! If you’re passionate about creating hyper-local content focused on your community, City Lifestyle is the platform for you.

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Develop a loyal readership with our elevated platform. Personalize your profile and link back to your own blog, social media channels, affiliate links, etc., while showcasing why you love your city.

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    With City Lifestyle you can reach a significantly larger audience than going it alone. By being a City Lifestyle content creator our platform will give you an opportunity to post and promote the best of what your city has to offer with access to our growing audience + the audiences of our partners. Can you say... #winning?

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    By contributing content to City Lifestyle you’re essentially getting an unsolicited third-party endorsement from an established lifestyle brand with a powerful publishing presence! Being a City Lifestyle Ambassador is great PR for you and your voice. City Lifestyle will backlink your blog + socials giving you the SEO juice so many people are clamoring for.

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    When you succeed, we succeed! We will provide training sessions on writing, photography and digital tools ( the occasional happy hour) so we can grow together.

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Develop your personal voice with our elevated platform. Personalize your profile and link back to your own blog, social media channels, affiliate links, etc., while sharing why you love your city.


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We would love for you to create an original presence on City Lifestyle and grow with us but, in general, we just want as many people as possible to see all that your city has to offer—whether it’s original content or syndicated from your blog.

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City Lifestyle stands apart from other media organizations as a source for positive content and strives for all our articles to inspire, instruct and uplift our readers. With a revolutionary tagging framework, we connect our nationwide readership with creatives, influencers and content creators like YOU who cut through the noise, so your hyper-local, city-inspired stories can be seen by more people, more frequently and gain engaged readers.

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