Relax and Unwind

Reward yourself after a busy summer in Central Oregon with hikes to explore some of our favorite trails about town. Here, Marsha Johnson and Wendy Gray give suggestions from their recently updated book, "Central Oregon Walks, Hikes & Strolls For Mature Folks.", $15.95

  1. Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail


    Named for internationally-known photographer Ray Atkenson, Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail this paved path follows a gradual slope to a lake overview. Wheelchair accessible, but with an incline.

  2. Dee Wright Observatory


    Sitting at the summit of the McKenzie Pass, Dee Wright Observatory was built out of lava rock by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1935. 

  3. Paulina Falls


    Paulina Falls is in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. From the trailhead, walk to three viewpoints in just under 1.7 miles. 

  4. Proxy Falls


    A short loop takes hikers past two waterfalls in dense forest. The Proxy Falls path includes several steeper and rocky sections, so poles (or a companion) are recommended.

  5. Metolius River


    See the Metolius River begin from springs that bubble out of rock with a dose of mystery after a short stroll from the parking area. 

  6. Tam McArthur Rim


    This more strenuous hike offers stunning views of the Cascades and Three Creeks Lake. A 1,200-ft. elevation gain over five miles is a workout. 

  7. "Central Oregon Walks, Hikes & Strolls For Mature Folks"

    Published by Bend local Marsha Johnson and her sister Wendy Gray, and updated in 2020, this  comprehensive guidebook is organized by challenge and theme.