DIY Lemonade Stand

Stand Out with Summer Refreshment

An ice cold cup of lemonade can not only help beat the heat, it can also help kids beat the summertime blues. By building, decorating, and operating their own small business, kids will be thrilled to see what they can accomplish, and learn some valuable skills along the way. 

In order to help your kids create their very own lemonade stand, we have assembled a few tips to ensure you have the most successful stand on the block. 

Location is key

In real estate, we know location, location, location is essential. If your kids want to stay busy and turn a profit, finding the right spot for the stand is important. Perhaps you get a lot of foot traffic on your block, or live close to a busy park or pool. Patrons will be thankful to have your tasty beverage at hand. Just make sure you have permission to set up or that you have the correct permit if you chose a public spot. 

Make it Eye-Catching

A basic table and chairs are fine, but adding some vibrant colors and polished details can go a long way in attracting customers. Paint some old craft crates and stack them to make a cute, rustic base with built in shelves. Home improvement stores have sample size paint containers that are inexpensive and will elevate the simple crates. Make your own fabric scrap banner or purchase simple party supplies from a dollar store. Flowers, signs, streamers…pick and choose your favorite items to make your stand “stand out”. 

Offer Treats

Double up the possibilities by selling treats, such as cookies or rice crispy treats, along with your lemonade. Are your kids aspiring bakers? Homemade goodies are always a hit and will keep the kids extra busy. If baking isn’t their thing, bubble gum or lollipops might be a better option. Your neighbors and friends will be even more excited to visit the stand. 

Quality Lemonade

Of course, you need great lemonade for your lemonade stand! Find a brand that you love and your customers will love, too. Fresh fruit, such as strawberries, can add a splash of color and a hint of freshness to each glass. Find a pretty pitcher or glass dispenser to show off the beautiful beverage. 

Give Back

As your kids learn about profits, supply and demand, and other business essentials, teach them the value of giving back. Choose a local charity or non-profit to donate a portion of the earnings to once things get rolling. 


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