Where Chefs Eat

Article by Stephanie Hower

Photography by Trevan Hiersche & Nathan Satran

Originally published in Billings Lifestyle

In order to run a successful kitchen, head chefs must commit themselves to long hours and a sometimes hectic environment. Their life is dedicated to food: creating, cooking, catering to others. But, what about when it is their turn to indulge? Where do these culinary masters go to treat themselves? Head Chefs from three of the areas best restaurants divulge their favorite places to eat (other than their own restaurant, of course) when the opportunity arises. We get to know them and their personal tastes.

Nick Steen, Chef and General Manager at Walkers

What appealed to you about Walkers?

"I have been with Walkers about a year and a half.  What drew me here was having an opportunity to connect with my food on a closer level, as well as run a singular restaurant.  Walkers has been one of the best in the game for the last 25 years, so the chance to be a part of something that special certainly has its allure. I know many of the previous chefs and it was an honor to carry on what they helped create over the years.  But most of all, I wanted to have the creative freedom that comes with running your own restaurant." 

Favorite local eatery, other than your own?

"I work a lot, so getting out doesn’t happen all that often!  But when I do, I go to Seva Kitchen.  Josh, the chef, is one of my best friends and I love to support him." Seva Kitchen offers globally inspired dishes, sharable plates, and great beverage selections. 

What do you order? 

"I order whatever he sends me or tells me to!"

Sheena Ernst, Owner and Chef at The Wild Table in Red Lodge

How long have you owned your restaurant? What was your vision?

"I have owned it for four years. It was a small, intimate place that had charm and I could see myself serving the food I wanted to."

Favorite local eatery, other than your own?

"Red Lodge is going through a food renaissance right now - one place I love is the Ox Pasture because it changes concepts every two years so it keeps things interesting. At the moment, they are a pop-up Sicilian restaurant out of New York City." Ox Pasture utilizes locally grown ingredients and features a friendly atmosphere on Red Lodge's Main Street. 

What do you order? 

"I order the octopus salad and one of the many amazing pastas!"

 Josh Cannon, Head Chef at Seva Kitchen

Why did you want to work at Seva Kitchen? 

"Since we started planning and decided what kind of concept we were going to do." Seva has been open for over a year now, and Cannon has been their since it's inception. 

Favorite local eatery, other than your own?

"Favorite local eatery is NaRa for sure." NaRa, a family owned Sushi, Korean and Japanese Restaurant, offers the largest sushi rolls and some of the freshest fish in Billings. 

What do you order?

"Those guys are killer at what they do and all the rolls are so good!" 

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