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ONE Fitness Focuses on Fitness and Good Conversations with Young Athletes

Article by Stephanie Hower

Photography by Oluanai Photography

Originally published in Billings Lifestyle

“I have been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 22 years,” begins Cherie Straus, Owner of ONE Fitness. “I am certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).”

Cherie’s interest in fitness began during her childhood as she watched movies such as Rocky III and Karate Kid, films which inspired her to work hard to achieve her goals.

“The idea that nothing is free and that hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard, is the message I try and instill in my clients…especially the young athletes I work with,” she explains. “My biggest joy is watching someone overcome obstacles and achieve something they never thought possible.” Cherie’s ultimate objective is to elevate everyone who enters her gym by motivating and encouraging them.

When it comes to young athletes, Cherie believes in talking to them about more than just exercise. Combining fitness and good conversation makes for a winning combination.

"I like to talk to kids about what attitudes help you make the team, how to be a good team player, and how to deal with failure and pressure.”

For children of all ages, it's important to move everyday. Fitness can be implemented as a way to condition for a sport, prevent injuries, have fun, and develop a lifelong habit which will promote good mental and physical health. 

“Depression is a growing problem in our youth population,” Cherie adds. “Exercise and friendship are a huge help! We grow better in community.” 


Workout Ideas Courtesy of ONE Fitness


Great lower body exercise 

Stand with your feet about hip width apart. 

Bend your knees and extend your hips backward as if you are going to sit back into a chair. 

Keep your knees behind your toes and weight is back on your heels. Keep your chest and head up.

3 sets of 10 reps to start

Push Ups

Great core, chest, shoulder and arm workout 

Start with your hands shoulder-width apart (or a bit wider), bend elbows at a 45 degree angle and lower your body toward the ground - the angle of your arms can vary depending on comfort level and shoulder health. 

Keep your core engaged and don't tuck your chin in.

3 sets of 10 reps to start

Aerobic Exercise - Running - Speed and Agility Drills

All athletes need to be running - either sprinting or endurance running (long, slow distance) depending on their sport

Speed and agility drills should also be implemented. Ladder and hurdles can be used - but so can tape/chalk on a driveway - something to get your feet and brain moving quickly.


20 minutes, 3 days per week to start (Either sprints or endurance)

Ladder Drills

High knees, Side High Knees, “In/In, Out/Out”, Hopscotch

10 minutes 2-3 days per week to start

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