An Eye for Interiors

Every house begins as a blank canvas, a series of walls and an accrual of square footage ready to be filled. Our personal belongings breathe life into empty rooms, and interior design transforms a house into a home.

Carolee McCall Smith, co-owner of McCall Homes, knows the importance of a visually appealing living space. Here, she offers interior design tips and advice on how to create a cohesive look within a room. 


“What is the primary function of this room? If it’s an entertaining space, set up the furniture in a way that nurtures conversation by opposing furniture. If it’s a cozy space for your family to be together, maybe use a sectional that fits the whole family comfortably for movie night.”


“Accent with color and pattern. Small pops of color and pattern are a great way to add some personality to your space. Also, by keeping your major pieces neutral and adding color with smaller pieces and accessories, periodically changing the feeling of your space by swapping out those accents becomes quicker and more affordable.”


“Often overlooked, a mixture of textures in a space is key to making a room feel dynamic. Balance is important here, as too much of a good thing can ruin the feel of a room.”

Avoid Overcrowding

“Negative space (white space) can be as important as the design itself. Filling every bit of wall space with something can make it appear cluttered, so pick your favorites and keep it from being overwhelming. Large-scale art is trending this year, so you can really have fun with big pieces.”

Mix Metals and Add Greenery

“Embrace a more fun, bohemian feel by mixing two to three different metal finishes into the design. Greenery brings a bit of life to a room and adds another type of texture to the palette.”

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