A New Trend In Interior Design

Article by Rebecca Langman

Photography by Rebecca Langman

Originally published in Billings Lifestyle

Maximalism is the new trend.  I can tell you why!

I know it’s a strange word-- but if you’ve browsed Instagram or Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen it.   An increasing number of colorful, layered, and eclectic spaces are being snuck, stuck, and mixed into ubiquitous, white modern farmhouses and StudioMcGee interiors.  

Why? Where is it coming from?  We first saw BOHO emerge as an extension of those white farmhouse spaces.  Shiplap walls, wood floors, and lots of light were accessorized with a resurgence of macrame, unique artwork, textured linens on upholstered items, and lots of plants!

Maximalism has entered the building.  Whether as an evolution of BOHO or simply a rejection of minimalism-  gone are the white walls.   They’ve been replaced with saturated jewel tone paint colors like Emerald or even Black!  Finishes, once contained in picture frames, have moved back to walls with the resurgence of wall-paper. This allows us to infuse drama in a relatively simple way - with a lot more punch than just a piece of art.

Maximalism also is a style that should look like it was built up over time.  It showcases the pieces that make each of us unique.  That seashell you brought back from your beach vacation on display next to a vase you found at a local pottery shop.  Mixing of materials.  Even differing metal finishes in your space; like black on your light fixtures and gold tones in your dinnerware and art frames.  

To dip your toes in this style:  start by adding layers and colors.  Bring in a new houseplant and find a fabulous planter for it.  Add some new non-matching lamps to your end tables for variety in lighting.  Instead of a gallery wall of small items, find one large dramatic piece of art or a mirror to anchor a wall in your dining room.  Mix and match patterns and textures with new throw pillows on your sofa.  Inject your personality and have fun.

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