Photos From Our New Years Eve Launch Party

The Party of the Century at the Castle

Article by Robert Saunders

Photography by Alienated Productions

Originally published in Billings Lifestyle

It’s long past time we showed our readers some snapshots from our Launch Party - the New Year’s Eve Gala at the Castle! Billings' Party of the Century!

The photos speak for themselves, but here are some highlights of what we and our guests experienced.

Food: heavy hors d’oeuvres courtesy of High Horse Saloon, the Billings Petroleum Club, Stacked, a whole roast pig, and a fabulous charcuterie spread courtesy of our own Jessica Bickham.

Drinks: Two main bars in the grand kitchen and the basement kitchen, a high-end liquor room in the ladies’ closet in the master bedroom, and a selection of red, white, and sparkling wines in the wine cellar.

Complimentary Cigars, for use on any of the five patios and balconies. A disco vape room, courtesy of our friends at Cloudz Vape.

Two live bands: John Roberts y Pan Blanco and Brickhouse. Three dance floors and a DJ. A live string quartet and a guitar and violin duet, all featuring local musicians.

A state-of-the-art bowling alley. A dedicated speakeasy-style comedy room, featuring Lukas Seely. A golf simulator, staffed by a local golf pro. A home theater room seating fourteen, playing old movies, where our guests could rest their tired feet. A spa wing, offering complimentary massages and a variety of other treatments. A selection of fine art from our local artists. A variety of live entertainment, including a fire breather and ballerinas. Fine jewelry for sale. A silent auction. Two indoor shooting ranges and a tactical course, all with gel bullets. A midnight balloon drop, designed by our own Chris Cross. A dedicated photo room, decorated by Chris Cross and featuring two custom-build thrones for our kings and queens.

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