Fashion and 'Moore'

Fashion Show Fundraiser with Tracy Moore’s High School Tribe

Article by Stephanie Hower

Photography by Kerry Lee Photographer

Originally published in Billings Lifestyle

There are many ways to “give back.” For Tracy Moore, she has chosen to empower and inspire high school girls by fostering confidence and personal growth. The second annual Fashion Show Fundraiser, benefitting Tracy’s Closet and a volunteer trip to Thailand, was put on by Tracy’s own tribe of high school girls from the class of 2019 and 2020. They walked the runway and helped behind the scenes, setting up for the event and ensuring everything ran smoothly during the show. 

Tracy’s Closet, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2018, provides free, trendy, brand-name clothing for teen girls in need. 

“Being a teen girl is hard,” Tracy says. “Some girls can’t afford ‘cool clothes.’ The Closet helps teen girls gain confidence so that they can go to school a little more self-assured the next day. Confidence changes everything, and confident women will change the world.”

Part of the proceeds from the fashion show provided the Closet with funds for rent, gift cards, needed clothing items, improvements and operation costs. 

The other portion of the funds went toward a volunteer trip. This was an opportunity for Tracy to take a small group of her 2019 seniors to Thailand. 

“For Thailand, we went because I think international travel is so good for growth and confidence,” Tracy explains. “We also helped make a small impact while we were there, too. We volunteered at an elephant sanctuary, where we helped run daily operations (feeding and bathing elephants), and we helped move sand up a hill so they could build a road to the new sanctuary.”

A number of local businesses contributed to the event by providing clothing for the fashion show, including The Banyan Tree, South Harper, Rough and Rugged, The Joy of Living and SOMETHINGchic.

“Special thank you to Tina with Dame Agency for helping set the whole thing up, Cassie with Better To Gather for amazing decor and Rhoda and Brook with DIA Events for donating amazing lighting,” Tracy adds. 

Overall, the evening was a celebration of the girls who took center stage. Their confidence shines even brighter than their attire, which is exactly what Tracy intended. 

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