Think Globally, Act Locally

How Our Take On Fashion Can Impact The Local Community

Fashion is an international industry that we are all a part of. Whether it is on the consumer or retail side, our behavior has a tremendous impact in our communities. Following runway trends and staying in the know of styles is fun and entertaining, and acting locally in our purchasing habits can have a positive effect on our surroundings. Starting from our own closets and studying what we love is fundamental to a comprehensive wardrobe.

When it comes to our closets, many might believe that having numerous clothing pieces is a good thing. However, the newest trend is less-is-more, making getting dressed a more intentional activity. Every closet should balance effortless, timeless pieces with a few fun, personality pieces.

Where do we start? First and foremost, go to your closet and make sure you only keep those clothes that truly make you happy. Then slowly start investing in garments that are versatile and are capable of taking you from the daytime to the nighttime. A good blazer, a pair of jeans that fits well, and a white button down are basics that will last many years to come and will not go out of style. Lastly, find a conversation piece that will elevate any outfit and help you feel confident and comfortable.

When we understand the true concept of less-is-more and embrace it, we allow ourselves the space to truly enjoy the garments we own. Overbuying clothes just because they are on sale or because it is trendy will only lead to a closet full of items that have no meaning. Now, more than ever, we need to start thinking of the local boutiques and designers that we can support while we shop for new pieces to join our wardrobes. It feels good to be proud of your clothes, and where or how they were made can be an important part of your buying decision. Make it count.

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