Walters & Hogsett

Showing Up for the Community

Article by Karysma Hicks

Photography by Poppy & Co. at Marla Rutherford Studio

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Having been present in Colorado for 40 years, both Walters & Hogsett Jewelers and Boulder have seen each other grow tremendously. Like any familiar family member, Walters & Hogsett has watched what they call their family—their community, grow and change generationally. Since the ‘80s, locals and Colorado natives, and even out-of-state admirers have been coming to Walters & Hogsett for a premier selection of fine jewelry and an unmatched customer service experience.

Boulder Lifestyle sat down with Walters & Hogsett’s long-term employee and now manager, Emily Lantaff, to learn more about how the company’s presence has been one of Boulder’s greatest support systems.

“We are a family business,” Emily says. “We have fantastic clients that have been coming to us for four generations now. It is such a big compliment when mom and dad shopped here and now their kids shop here. It shows that we are still relevant when it comes to the styles that we use. We’re curators in the art of the well-made, so we do everything top-notch—from the designers we bring in, to the select pieces that we carry, down to how we work with our clientele.”

Emily and her team specialize in curating a meticulous lineup of designers to offer their shoppers a collection that is pertinent to their clientele’s lifestyle. Regardless of what their shoppers may relate to or be interested in, there is something for everybody. Comprised of timeless, classic pieces for their more mature shoppers or those with a taste of elegance, Walters & Hogsett’s available collections also include staple, unique and modern pieces that are sure enough to catch the eye of any younger shopper.

The Walters & Hogsett staff prides itself on being a support system for their shoppers in many ways. Whether it is offering them the education to become more knowledgeable about where their jewelry comes from and what stories each piece holds, or guiding their shoppers to the right statement piece that will perfectly exemplify their life story, this team of staff isn’t shy when it comes to giving their counsel. In addition to supporting shoppers with its guidance, Walters & Hogsett is also prevalent in the community for its give-back program, including Impact on Education, Humane Society of Boulder Valley, YMCA and YWCA, and more.

“We are very philanthropic. Our mission is always to be present in our community,” Emily says. “We give to different fundraisers and organizations that are locally recognized. We try to be an active support role in our community and look to figure out a way to be a resource for these non-profits to make money.”  

At Walters & Hogsett, money is never the motive. Emily and her team aim to use their business as a tool for people to curate life’s special moments. While they’re ensuring that their local peers benefit from the success of the business, they also want to ensure that they are being welcoming to everybody’s needs—whether aesthetically or financially. Shopping for fine jewelry doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Offering a curated selection to shoppers with a stricter budget, Walters & Hogsett is determined to beat the stereotype in which people find fine jewelers to be intimidating. A retailer, a confidant or a shoulder to lean on—Walters & Hogsett is the "cool" friend you'll want to get to know.

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