The Mexican Market

Recognizing Good Value While Indulging Your Taste Buds

If you love Mexican food, you’ll find the best Mexican products at Mexican grocery stores—where you can get unique products rarely found in general supermarkets—all at great prices.

What is their appeal to an audience beyond first generation Hispanic shoppers looking for a taste of home?   

You can find super fresh produce, specialty items, meats, seafood, fresh bulk cheeses— bakery and prepared foods. A few even prepare fresh ‘masa’ dough to make your own tamales. Some of their meat counters sell certain cuts of meat already pre-marinated.

These retailers have the ability to thrive in lower and middle income neighborhoods where traditional grocers have struggled. And they attract knowledgeable shoppers who recognize good value when they see it.

“From custom cuts to prepared meat—in addition to fresh fish and seafood—you can always count on these markets to have exactly what you need at a great price,” says one such shopper.

Here are some markets worth checking out:


El Mercado Groceries Carniceria
503 S. Public Road, Lafayette.  303.665.4868 

Wonderful offerings, with a huge assortment of spices and chiles, plus a meat counter that sells the best soup meat in town. Fresh produce, perfect avocados and bananas, fun party products, and things you just can't get at other places.

Enjoy fresh hot tacos and other items like ‘tortas’ whenever you want from their Taco Wagon outside next to the Mercado. Breakfast burritos served all day.  

Lunch rush can take a while if there’s a line—but worth the wait. “Calling in is the best way to get your tasty food.”

Las 5 Americas
111 So. Public Road, Lafayette.  720.524.3428

Fabulous small Mexican grocery. Has a butcher section with a wide range of clean, fresh meats and poultry. Low prices. 

Fresh, authentic cheeses, freshly made pastries, tortillas and tamales.  

Highly recommended:  the breakfast “asada” burrito with hot chili. Price range: below average.


El Valle Market
2887 30th St. @ Valmont, Boulder.  303.993.8053  

A small corner Mercado, with a great selection of Mexican cooking staples. Perfect avocados, salsa items and a meat counter that sells pre-marinated meats.  

Ask about their house made chips.

4483 Broadway, Boulder.  303.954.8747.   

Seasoned meats and vegetables to make some quick dinners. “Chorizo to die for.”   

A good place for fresh corn and flour tortillas. Also has a fruit stand.


Las Americas Tortilleria
830 Lashley St, #D, Longmont.  303.651.3454

Fresh premade corn tortillas made the Mexican way. Also sells fresh prepared ‘masa’ to make your own tamales, but you have to order ahead.  

You can find obscure herbs and spices here, along with prepared foods. Bakery and restaurant on site.   

Busy on Saturdays with lines winding through the aisles.   Highly recommended for authentic fast food.  

Carniceria El Cerrito
936 Main, Longmont.  303.834.9172  

Clean, well-stocked store and meat market. Fresh produce, Mexican groceries and more.


For all your Cinco de Mayo needs, or just year round, give these stores a try. Convenient hours:  open 7 days a week from 7 or 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.  Some (in Longmont) open as early as 6 a.m.

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