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Summer Sunsets

Inspiration for your picture-perfect picnic + sunset space

Article by Serena Montoya

Photography by Cameron Yarumian

Originally published in Parker Lifestyle

A cool breeze sways through a summer night in Parker. Equipped with a basket full of blankets, drinks, and a delectable charcuterie board, I am in pursuit of the perfect spot to watch the sunset and indulge in a picnic. Parker has many suitable sites, but for those of you who want to join me, trek on over to McCabe Meadows on the Salisbury Park Trail. Open space abounds, so there are plenty of places to pop a squat and watch the sun go down. Colorado is privileged with exquisite sunsets, and the summer is the perfect time to encounter them.

Once you get to McCabe Meadows, you will see a bridge. Cross over it and look out from beneath the large cottonwood tree. The flat meadow is especially inviting for a picnic on warm summer nights. But be cautious, for as peaceful as it is, cactus lay about protecting the land. The prime spot is at the cross-section of South Parker Road and South Pine Drive. Arrive before sunset to experience all the area has to offer. The memorials throughout the park’s grounds welcome visitors to reflect on the pains of the past while spending a peaceful evening here can cleanse the soul and remind us to stop and enjoy the present. 

In summertime, the cadence of the crickets creates a peaceful ambiance that reminds us to sit back and breathe. And although they’re not invited, mosquitos will want to join the party-- don’t forget the bug spray. 

As the clock approaches eight p.m., the sun approaches its final descent into the night. The air cools down and refreshes from what the sun bade that day. Amidst a time of social distancing, the adventure that comes with parks and mountain excursions are still at your fingertips. Exhale the day, inhale the peace, pop open the drinks, and dive into some light snacks. Share in laughter, conversation, and make a memory you’ll always treasure.

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